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   Chapter 313 Did You Think I'm Not Humiliated Enough

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Aron had thought about what would happen here before he came, so he brought all the evidence he had. He was really tired of Mandy and Becky relentlessly troubling him and Isla.

"Let me make it clear from the beginning to the end. Four years ago, I was about to get married. However, after attending a wedding, Becky and I got drunk and slept together. We thought I was so drunk and that was the reason we had sex. But later I went to the hospital to get tested. It showed that my blood contained doses of ecstasy. These are the test results and I still keep them." Aron threw the test report on the table. A neighbor came up and looked at it. People gathered around to look at it as well. They pointed at Mandy who felt embarrassed.

"So what?" Mandy was defiant. "Becky loves you so much, She stayed with you for the last four years and took good care of your grandparents. Was that not enough to make up for this little mistake?"

Aron sneered, "There is only one person whom I have loved since the beginning and until now. That woman is Isla. Back then, I was going to ask for her forgiveness and get back together with her. But your conniving little daughter lied to me, telling everyone that she was pregnant, so even though it was against my will, I had to be with her for the sake of the baby. But then, I found out from the doctor who examined her that she was never pregnant. She just bribed the doctor. If you need any evidence, I have the recording here. Would you like to listen to it?"

Although Aron did not have to play the recording, everyone knew what he was telling the truth. They started to talk about it. Some were whispering while looking at Mandy. The chattering noise of gossip filled the air.

Mandy couldn't stand it, so she shouted at Aron, "That doesn't matter. You decided to marry Becky anyway, didn't you? I got the invitations all written and the hotel rooms booked. But you broke off the engagement without any consideration. After all this, how could Becky rebound from this and meet someone else?"

"Am I that stupid to make a promi

so she went out for a walk. But when she returned, she happened to witness Aron's revelation which drove Mandy crazy. So she made herself appear tough on the outside. "You all stop it. Can't you hear me?"

"Becky......." When she saw Becky appear by the door, Mandy finally calmed down. She threw away the broom, wrapped Becky in her arms and then cried aloud, " My poor girl, you made so much sacrifice for him but only to get dumped in the end, I am so heartbroken......"

Losing a super rich son-in-low and wasting four years' effort was what Mandy weeping about. Now she and her daughter would have to go back to square one and start all over again.

"Are you finished?" Surprisingly, Becky did not play along to Mandy's performance. The mocking eyes of the people around her made her realize something that had happened before.

She pushed Mandy away, sneered and said, "Didn't you think I'm humiliated enough?"

"Becky, what's wrong with you?" Confused, Mandy looked at Becky and said, "I did this all for you. Why would you say that......"

"That's enough, mother! You didn't do this for me. You did this for yourself. I'm humiliated enough. What else do you want from me? Did you want me to die for this?"

Becky thought a lot during this time. She admitted that she had done a lot wrong, but Aron also gave her a lot of hope. In this matter, he was also wrong.

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