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   Chapter 312 Stop At The Impossible

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Kay was among the matrons at the party.

Mandy was busy preparing a sumptuous meal in the kitchen, completely unaware of Isla bringing Aron home. But close to dinner time, Mandy walked out of the kitchen to find Aron and Isla affectionately sitting beside each other. Taken aback, she ran screaming towards Isla, "You damn bitch! You have the face to show yourself here after what you did to my daughter! Not only did you steal her man, you caused us a huge embarrassment when the wedding was cancelled. I can beat you to death and it still won't be enough!"

Aron lost no time getting in between the two women to protect his fiancee, as Mandy tried to claw out towards Isla.

Instead, Mandy's hand hit Aron with burning hatred. Aron groaned in pain but was intent on protecting Isla.

Kay along with the rest matrons watched the drama with pleasure while eating melon seeds.

Mandy, seeing Aron who came to Isla's rescue, got angrier and grabbed a nearby broom and took it all out on Aron. "You are nothing but a faithless ingrate. Four years, Aron! My daughter devoted four years of her youth to you, only to be betrayed by you here. This is an injustice to Becky and I will not take this sitting down!"

"Auntie, please stop!" Isla while being shielded by Aron was in tears, pleading. "Stop it, You are hurting Aron." Isla couldn't bear to see her aunt beating Aron beyond measure.

Bette and Jina heard the commotion outside and ran out to see what was going on. Jina, at the sight of Mandy attacking Aron and Isla, joined in the rumble and wrestled the broom from Mandy's hand. She had developed much more physical strength, spending a lot of time in the farm.

"What the hell are you doing?


"Of course." Mandy sneered, "Aron, you bastard! Your divided loyalty between Isla and Becky doesn't make you a man. You are far from being one."

Aron remained well poised at Mandy's verbal abuse. It was time for him to tell the truth and conclude this scandal. Aron replied with a calm smile, "Are you sure to make it known to everyone present here?"

"I don't see why not!" Mandy said with conviction. "It is best to clear up this matter in the presence of our relatives and friends. Once the truth is exposed, you will be found guilty and shameful."

Isla wanted to stop Aron from disclosing the whole thing, considering that it was Bette's birthday party.

But Bette assured Isla, "Isla, I am fully aware of your untold grievances. Now that Mandy demands an explanation, it will prove that you are innocent. You don't have to live with the lies and the gossip anymore."

Bette expressed her disdain toward Mandy, "Mandy, as I fully understand, would only stop at the impossible. Now that she wants to make a stir, we should let her run amuck. She will realize later that she made herself a complete idiot!"

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