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   Chapter 304 Not The Company's Shares

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"Why are you being so upset over this?" Autumn was amused by Isla and said to her, "Don't you trust Aron?"

"No, I..." Isla was muddled by Autumn's question, she asked herself whether she really doubted Aron's ability to solve the problem.

The answer was, yes.

She didn't trust Aron from the beginning up to the end.

She kept saying that she believed in Aron's words, but in fact, from four years ago to the present day, she never really believed in his words.

It was the truth four years ago, and it would still be the truth four years later.

May be it was just as the old saying had suggested, "a bystander is always clear-minded". Autumn could clearly see what Isla's problem was. Isla never really trusted Aron from the beginning, up until the end.

"It's not that I don't trust him. It's... How do I say it?" Isla thought that Jina's conditions were quite excessive. She was afraid that after all the problems they had gone through to be together again, their hardships will have been in vain because of Jina.

"Autumn, It is so hard for me and Aron to come to this. From the moment I found out that he came to me even though he had stomach perforation, I've realized that he is the most important person in my entire life. I could never be with another guy, because no matter who I'm with, Aron would always be in my heart." This was the first time Isla had spoken about her feelings for Aron to another person, "But you are right, I don't trust him, maybe it was because I don't trust myself. I always feel that a person as good as him would not even take a look at a Cinderella like me."

"You just think too much, " Autumn said straight to Isla's face and then continued, "What did you tell me when I was with Charles, why would it not workout the same way for you?"

"I..." You can never know how a person really feels unles

so that I can bring my grandparents over to your house and talk about the wedding. "

"It's just..." Aron hesitated for a moment, and then he said to them, "Uncle John, Aunt Jina, I don't have any problems giving everything to Isla, except for... the company's shares."

Looking at their concerned faces, Aron hastily explained, "It's not that I don't want to give her the shares, it's..."

Aron also had his own reasons. Although the company was operated by him, he was not the sole proprietor. When Mike and Joanna transferred their shares to Aron, it aroused great discontent from Aron's uncle's family. If Aron were to transfer his shares to Isla, his cousin would do everything in his power to destroy him.

After listening to Aron's explanation, Jina sighed and said, "You don't have it easy either."

She continued, "To tell you the truth, we don't really want anything from you. I just want to see how far you are willing to go for Isla. Now it looks like... Isla's dad and I can finally be at peace."

Jina laughed and continued, "But I have to warn you that if you let Isla suffer in the future, I will never let you go."

"Please rest assured, your daughter's happiness is in my hands, " Aron answered happily.

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