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   Chapter 303 Are You Crazy

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"Mother, his grandmother has already apologized. She didn't mean to be unkind. Becky said that I seduced Aron and incited her to go to my office. Her judgement was clouded by Becky's flattery and made-up stories, " Isla explained eagerly about the unpleasant incident. However, it seemed as if Jina wasn't listening to her at all. In fact, she didn't believe Isla; she thought Isla was lying.

Aron smiled as he said, "I am sorry for what Isla had to go through because of my grandmother. I should have told her that I trusted her and supported her. Aunt Jina, you can put a hit out on me or shout at me if you want. Whatever you want done with me, I will accept it. All I am asking for is your permission for taking care of Isla from now on."

Aron paused for a fraction of a second and then continued, "My grandmother told me the truth as soon as she woke up. Becky is a scheming woman. She has apologized to Isla personally the moment she found out about that. If you're not willing to let that go, I will do whatever you ask of me, "

Said Aron, as he stared at Jina with imploring eyes. Jina furrowed her eyebrows because Aron's polite attitude had caught her off guard. It was hard to say no to a gentleman like Aron. Jina didn't mind being his mother-in-law. Her resolution to object to Aron and Isla's relationship began to stagger. However, the fact that Isla had suffered a lot and had been unhappy all these years made Jina headstrong about objecting to their union. Aron was the one who abandoned Isla, so he should be the one to make efforts to win her back.

Jina took a sip of water while she was thinking about how to punish Aron for Isla's hardships.

Before their conversation could continue, the waitress came in to serve the dishes.

As they had the supper, Aron occasionally put some food and soup into Jina's bowls. Jina's dissent was slowly driven away by Aron's consideration, bit by bit.

When they finished eating, Aron asked gently, "Aunt, would you like some dessert or something else?"

"No, " Jina sighed and said, "I am full. There is no need to waste money. It's not easy for you, youngsters to earn money."

She had already ordered quite a lot of dishes to air her anger at him. Usually she would order just the right amount of food needed. There was no use in wasting food as well as money.

Hearing Jina's words, Aron turned to John and expresse


Autumn told Isla that she was here to discuss Chris and Sam's wedding with his family. Then she smiled at Isla and said, "What about you? What are you doing here?"

"I…" Isla opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, the tears from her eyes streamed down her face. She had a grievance against her mother. She thought to herself, 'Why do Aron and I have to deal with such things all the time?

Four years ago, Becky came in between us; four years later, my mother is stepping in to keep us apart.'

"What has happened? Why are you crying?" Autumn was surprised to see Isla weeping. She comforted Isla, but she needed to know what had happened.

Isla didn't restrain her sadness, because Autumn was her best friend. Within a second she was in Autumn's arms, crying her heart out.

Autumn knew something bad had happened. The important thing right now was to wait until Isla stopped crying. After Isla stopped weeping and started to calm down, Autumn asked, "Will you tell me what has happened now?"

Autumn didn't force Isla to give a reply. She led Isla to the hall, seated her on the sofa, and asked a glass of water for her before she continued, "Why are you so sad? Did Aron do something wrong? Has he done something to make you unhappy?"

"No…" Isla hesitated for a second as she held the hot, disposable glass. Then she finally made a clean breast of the details about their meeting and complained, "Autumn, in your opinion, why did my mother do that? Is she so unhappy about my relationship with Aron? Her behavior … has put me in a difficult situation with Aron."

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