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   Chapter 302 I Can't Let It Go

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Coincidently, Aron was going to meet Isla's parents at Fu Ji Restaurant today. Sam and his parents arrived at Fu Ji Restaurant first, followed by Chris and Gary. Autumn and Charles arrived at around 6 pm and they were the last.

"Charles, " Chris greeted while standing up first, as Charles and Autumn entered the compartment. She walked up to them, took Autumn's hand and sat her down next to herself. She was so nervous that she wanted to sit beside Autumn.

"Take a seat here, " Jamie said to Charles. Jane sat beside Jamie, silently. Perhaps she was worried that Charles might still be blaming her for her rude behavior towards Autumn the other day. She remained silent because she was afraid that she would say something wrong and destroy Sam's marriage to Chris.

As Sam had already ordered the food, they started to eat in a merry atmosphere. Charles drank with Jamie and they had a pleasant conversation. They almost finished their meal, but no one had mentioned anything about the wedding. Jane was starting to lose her patience.

"Don't forget why we came here, " Jane reminded Jamie in a low voice, pulling his sleeve with hesitation.

"I know, " Jamie nodded at her. "Mr. Lu, we came here to discuss Sam's marriage with Chris. I want to know your thoughts on the matter. If you agree, we can begin with preparations for their wedding. We have planned to fix their wedding ceremony next spring. What do you think?" Jamie said to Charles.

Sam's parents stared at the Lu family nervously. They feared that the Lu family might oppose to Chris and Sam's wedding, because of Jane's offensive behavior towards Autumn.

"Sam is our only son. When they get married, we'll treat Chris as our own daughter. We'll try to meet all your expectations, " Jane added hurriedly.

"I consent to their union, " Charles responded.

e one to abandon Isla first. I owe it to them. It's natural for them to be upset with me, ' he thought.

"But..." Jina raised her voice. "Although we are grateful to you, we'll never allow you to be with Isla again, " she said in a firm tone after a moment's pause.

"Mom..." Isla turned to Jina with an embarrassed look, pulling Jina's sleeve in an attempt to stop her. "Everyone thought that you were going to marry Becky, but suddenly you've decided to get back with Isla. Don't you find that a bit concerning?" Jina continued as she shook off Isla's hand.

Isla almost lost her temper when she heard Jina's words. Aron gave her a quick glance and hinted at her to compose herself. In fact, he was ready to be scolded by Jina.

"Aunt Jina, you're right. Isla is a good girl, " Aron returned calmly. "But I'm done with Becky. Isla has always been the one I love truly. I swear that I'll treat her with love and care no matter what happens. Please give me one more chance, " Aron pleaded.

"Give you one more chance?" Jina sneered. "We had already given you a chance, but you wasted it."

After a pause, she continued, "When your grandma got hurt, Isla had suffered a lot of humiliation. I can't let that go."

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