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   Chapter 301 Agreeing To Meet

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Isla paused for an unusually long time before she mustered the courage to answer Jina's burning question, "Aron."

Upon hearing their daughter utter his name, both Jina and John were taken aback with shock. For a moment, they assured one another that they had heard the wrong name or that Isla was cracking an elaborate prank. But, when they noticed unwavering seriousness set on Isla's face, they realized that they heard it right, Aron was Isla's boyfriend.

"Have you gone crazy?" Jina looked at Isla, in shock as she has still not recovered from the blow. She asked, "Have you not received enough grief from him yet? And now you are going to walk towards the cause of your own unhappiness like a moth flies into the fire?"

"Mom, I have thought it over in depth and trust me have thought about all aspects of our relation before I even considered taking it forward." Isla said to her parents with determination, "I want to be with Aron. Besides, from now on, I will never have to go on a blind date as I am in a committed and happy relationship with Aron"

"You..." At this point, Jina was so angry that she involuntarily raised her hand, but she could not get herself slap Isla. "It is no wonder that Stephen told me he saw you staying with a man and then swore at you as a bitch. I was so annoyed with his nonsense talk that I almost had a fight with him that day. After hearing your confession I feel ridiculous to have defended you in that manner."

Jina gave out a bitter smile. She continued to speak to Isla, "Why do you insist on being with Aron Gu? Don't you think he hasn't hurt you enough for the pain to last a lifetime?"

John used to respect Isla's choice. But this time, he decided not to support Isla at all as he was dead set against the idea of Aron and Isla together.

"Isla, no matter what decisions you made in the past, I always supported you with blind faith and love. But this time you have taken it very far!" John gave Isla a serious look as he continued speaking, "I don't care about what has happened between Aron and you earlier. But now, after all of that history it is impossible for you to share a relationship with him. There is just no way!"

"Daddy..." Isla frowned slightly. She knew she had to convince her parents but what she did not expect was that, both her dad and mom would outright deny Aron a chance without hearing her out. This was not a good situation to be in.

"Isla, I am warning you, for your welfare, you should break up with that guy the minute you can. I mean what's wrong with Stephen? You should not have picked a fight with him even if you really

ep a hard heart and leave him alone. I want to give a chance to Aron, and rekindle our relationship for me as well. I was very happy when we were together. We had a spark and I wanted to see if that was still there. I really hope that you can understand the reasons behind my choice and support it. Please give Aron another opportunity like I did."

Jina was shocked beyond what she anticipated when she heard that Aron was in poor health when he helped her. She was a woman whose bark was worse than her bite. Although she had a nonchalant expression on her face, she couldn't helping caring about Aron's health. So she asked with hesitation, "So... How is everything with him? Has he recovered completely now?"

No matter what had happened in the past, it could not alter the fact that Aron saved Isla. She was grateful for his opportune timing of helping Isla out of politeness.

"He has almost recovered." Isla answered in a calm tone, "Mom, I have had a discussion with Aron. We are planning to invite you to dinner tomorrow. Could you please oblige us and have the dinner with us? I will be ever grateful. Please come even if it is just for my sake."

Isla held Jina's hands, and asked like a spoiled child. At first, Jina hesitated, but finally she gave in and nodded her head. "Fine, I will attend this dinner in a bid to thank him for saving you. You will decide the place, won't you?"

"Thank you, dear mom. I appreciate this." Isla kissed Jina on her face with happiness, "So I will share the good news with Aron."

Isla was ecstatic to go upstairs to give Aron a call. She exhorted Aron again and again to behave well in front of her mother. Although Jina agreed to meet Aron, she could never accept Aron Gu from her heart.

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