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   Chapter 300 You Know Him

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Chris was totally immersed in happiness after Sam's grand proposal, so much so that she didn't even notice Autumn's apparent displeasure. "Autumn, how could you join hands with Sam in his elaborate plan and lie to me?" Chris turned to Autumn as she grabbed her hands.

"What is wrong? Are you not happy now?" Autumn asked as her thoughts came back to reality with a smile. She was immensely happy for Chris despite her foul mood.

"Of course I'm happy..." Chris blushed away as she recalled Sam's proposal for the tenth time. 'My happiness is now beyond words, it knows no bounds. It is my dream to marry Sam and it seems like I have waited long enough for this day. Today he finally proposed. Now I feel like I am the happiest girl in the whole wide world, ' she thought to herself.

"The second you told me that you have broken your ankle, I rushed in such a hurry and in that time I came without any make-up or wasn't even dressed appropriately. I'm pretty sure I was looking my very worst yesterday, " Chris complained shyly.

"You're really a little silly girl, " Autumn said with a wide smile reflecting her blessings and happiness to the happy couple, as she glanced at the big diamond ring Chris wore. "It does not matter what you look like or even what you wear. Sam will love you any way, " Autumn comforted her as she lauded their relationship.

"Autumn, is something bothering you? You seem a little preoccupied, " Chris asked with concern. She could sense that Autumn was upset and something was eating at her today.

"I'm just fine, " Autumn assured her. The split second Charles entered the house, he let off a sigh of relief at the sight of Autumn. Chris forgot Autumn's low spirits immediately as she caught sight of him. "Charles, look at this..." she said, as she ran to him cheerfully, showing him her gigantic ring.

"Sam proposed to me today, " she repeated her story with more excitement than before.

"Did he now? It was about time!" Charles responded. Even though he was speaking to Chris, his eyes were fixed on Autumn who was standing behind her.

Autumn slightly lowered her head to avoid Charles's stare. She was now mad at him.

"Yes, he did, " Chris answered gladly. "Charles, when will you have time?"

"Why do you ask that? Are you so impati

it again. Life is too short to waste my time on things that make me uncomfortable..."

"What are you thinking about?" Jina asked, scowling at Isla. "You're almost 30. What is your plan for the future if you go on to refuse blind dates? Is your ambition to be an unmarried maid? A spinster? Just look at you now! You've come home reeking of alcohol."

Isla had had a few more drinks than usual in a bar to gather the courage before going home.

"Isla, your mom and I did not force you to go on a blind date. You had given your consent. I mean after all it was your decision. But now..." John furrowed his brow. "You make it sound like we forced you into committing a bank heist. I know that you don't like this method. But I hope you understand the only reason we pressured you was because we were thinking about your future."

"I know and I understand that, " Isla responded with a little nod. "Mom, dad, I refuse to go on blind dates because I have a boyfriend, " she continued after a long pause where she chose her next words carefully.

"What?" Jina and John asked at the same time, as they glanced at each other in confusion and shock. "When did you get a boyfriend? What is his name? What do his parents do? How old is he? Tell us everything!"

Overcome with joy and relief, John and Jina bombarded Isla with a series of questions. "You both know... him, " Isla said to Jina after hesitating for a while.

'I know the guy?' "Who is your boyfriend?"

Jina asked with confusion as she raised her eyebrows.

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