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   Chapter 299 An Accident Designed By Leila

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The building was so quiet that one could hear the sound of footsteps before they could see someone coming. Upon getting that head start, Leila spotted Autumn walking in the direction of Charles' office, she immediately rushed to his office with a cup of coffee.

"Would you like a cup of coffee, Mr. Lu? You seem tired and it looks like you could do with a pick-me-up right about now." In a clumsy movement, Leila pretended to drop the coffee all over Charles' pants. She then squatted between his legs to clean the mess she deliberately created and apologized, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Lu."

Leila then let out a helpless and grieved expression but she was indeed quite happy.

"Just hand me the tissue. I can clean it myself." Charles tried to push Leila away because he was too embarrassed to have her touch his body in this manner. It all seemed so inappropriate to him.

Right at this moment, Autumn swung open the door and saw them two in a rather compromising position.

Charles was sitting back in the chair while Leila was kneeling against the floor and wiping his pants. They looked very intimate with each other, so Autumn couldn't help suspecting Charles had betrayed her.

"You are..." Autumn couldn't exactly clearly see what had happened because the table was blocking her view, but she saw Leila kneeling there and that was enough to spark a doubt. She couldn't help but doubt the nature of the relationship between Leila and Charles. Leila sneered secretly for successfully delivering her trick while Charles was panicking. In a bid to explain everything he said, "Autumn, don't misunderstand. It isn't as bad as it appears."

"We were not doing anything." Leila pretended to get up hastily to explain to Autumn but fell into Charles' arms. Charles tried to support her but he too fell on the ground with her because of her sudden weight.

Leila was ecstatic secretly but she put on the show of being sorry and embarrassed as she apologized to Charles, "I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. I didn't do all this on purpose."

Keeping up the charade, yet reluctant to leave Charles' arm, she tightly grasped him. Charles frowned and said, "Fine. You can stand by yourself now."

"Okay..." Leila responded with reluctan

ossibly happened here?" David puzzled and yet worried. He had never seen Autumn like this.

"Why are you so concerned about her? Do you have a crush on her? Is this what this is about?" Leila asked him with a sly smile.

"Don't just speak utter nonsense!" David snapped back with a frown.

Leila returned to her own seat and started dealing with the files.

Autumn didn't go home after leaving Shining Company. She didn't know where she should go as she was overwhelmed with emotions.

She didn't know what exactly bothered her so much. 'Was it because the 'accident' planned by Leila?' she wondered.

She then negated this idea immediately. Somehow, she felt she couldn't control her emotion and couldn't help getting worried even though she knew in the bottom of her heart that Charles would never cheat on her.

She hung outside for a long time before she returned to the desolate house.

Neither Charles nor Chris had returned home.

She sat in the sofa quietly without turning on the light, waiting impatiently for Charles to tell him that she couldn't bear Leila any more and what had lead her to feel this way. She desperately wanted to clear the air.

"Good night! I'll leave now." She was in a daze until she finally heard Sam's voice entering the house.

"Okay, I'll call you first thing tomorrow." Chris entered the house after saying her goodbye to Sam. She was scared as she turned on the light and found Autumn sitting in the sofa almost lifeless.

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