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   Chapter 296 In Grandma's Arms

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As Autumn had made an appointment with Andy to have dinner with the Zhao family, she came to Shining Company an hour before her shift to prepare. Inevitably, she ran into Leila at the entrance. And Leila's face blanched at the sight of Autumn.

"Hi, Ye, here you are, " Leila greeted Autumn with an awkward yet surprised smile. It was evident from her expression that, she knew Autumn must have known about her complicity with Paula, but irrespective of that she had to greet Autumn warmly as always.

"Hmm, " Autumn just nodded to acknowledge her greeting without a pause. She felt that this was a never ending drama which she could not tolerate anymore. She forgave Leila over and over again, thinking she would turn over a new leaf, but it seemed that... she had been way too kind towards her.

"Leila." Autumn had already crossed Leila, but she suddenly turned around and called out to Leila.

"Yes, what's the matter, Ye?" Leila asked in a calm tone, but her heart was pounding out of her body with nervousness. She clenched her hand in a tight fist involuntary as she tried to calm down.

"Oh, it is nothing important, " Autumn replied softly, "I just wanted to ask if you aren't used to being here."

"No, I actually enjoy working here, " Leila hurried to answer with a frozen smile, "Mr. Lu is nice to me, and my colleagues are very friendly as well."

"That's good." After much deliberation Autumn finally did not question her about stealing her scheme. She wanted to consult Charles before she could decide what to with Leila.

With the year drawing to an end, Charles had been incredibly busy lately. In addition, owing to the loss of cooperation with Light House Company, he had to work harder to silence the board and ensure smooth functioning. Thus, on their way to the Zhao family, he told Autumn, "So from tomorrow on, I may not be able to see grandma with you as often as I'd like.

There are heaps of job that require my immediate attention in the company, and social engagements are almost arranged right up till the New Year's eve. But you can rest assured that I will come and see her with you when I have time. I hope that is okay with you?" he asked apologetically.

"That sounds reasonable, " Autumn answered in a considerate t

ards Wendy in particular. It was after all Wendy's fault that Emily missed the last window for treatment.

"Silly girl, " Emily sighed and now wrapped her arm around Autumn. She also wanted to spend more time with Autumn, but since she knew that was not possible, she decided to accept the reality gracefully. She hoped sincerely that Autumn too could accept it, so that when she died, she might not feel too grieved.

Autumn felt like she was transported back to her childhood. She was reminded of days when Emily would hold her in her arms, slowly waving a large fan to drive away mosquitoes. Emily also narrated many strange stories and also sometimes taught her ancient poems. Every time she lay in Emily's arms, she felt safe and comfortable.

Even though Emily was very skinny now... Autumn still had the same feeling of security in her arms.

"Well, you're married. Stop acting like a spoiled child, " Emily beamed, "I want Charles and you to live happily ever after, okay?"

"Hmm, I know we will, " Autumn replied in a low tone. Then she reluctantly left Emily's arms. Realizing that Emily was a little sleepy, she said, "Get your rest, grandma. I will see you tomorrow."

"Okay, " Emily said. Autumn tucked Emily in and left the room. Meanwhile, in the living room, Charles and Andy were sitting on the sofa talking about work. Abby, unable to get a word in, sat next to Andy and listened to their conversation silently.

"Is she asleep now?" Amy asked softly, as she glanced at Autumn.

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