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   Chapter 295 Start Anew

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Once Isla reached the hospital, Joanna was packing up for Aron. He was looking pale, , almost like all the blood was flushed out of his body, after the fluid infusion was almost over.

She drew herself closer to Aron as she gathered up some courage and expressed her concern, "How are you feeling now? You look rather pale. Why don't.... you consider spending another night here until your condition stabilizes."

"I assure you I feel much better than I look." Aron passed a warm smile to Isla. Within the next second Joanna addressed Isla while packing up, "The doctor just now thoroughly checked Aron's condition, which confirmed his earlier diagnosis that Aron's has fully recovered and is ready for immediate discharge."

"Grandma, please let me help you with that." Isla was just moving forward towards Joanna to help her, but she declined the offer, "No, thanks. I think it is better if you talk to Aron, while I finish this quickly before going ahead with the discharge procedure with Mike. After that, we can begin celebrating Aron's excellent recovery by having dinner together."

Meanwhile, Aron ignored that line of talk and changed the topic as Isla had still not responded to Joanna's considerate offer, "Has your company's recent business endeavors concluded successfully?"

"It went very well!" Isla nodded with a content smile. She recalled the entire account of the day to Aron with enthusiasm, "Karma has prevailed. All the injustices which happened to Autumn in the past finally paved the way to her present glory, honor and happiness."

"Is that how it is?" Aron replied with a smile as he decided to take advantage of Joanna's absence to speak his mind, "Isla, there is a matter.... which I want to discuss with you immediately."

"Please feel free to share what you have to say." Isla replied while peeling an apple for Aron as she was perched on the edge of his bed.

"So what I was thinking was that..." Aron mustered the courage to speak his mind, "Because of our eventful relationship, I want.... to marry you as soon as possible, and we are old enough to make the decision as well."

Aron rel

le, "At times. But I have always maintained the hope that everything can be handled better by being calm. During the long periods of striving and accomplishment, I can face hardships with composure."

"With reference to Becky, I wonder..." Isla found it hard to concentrate and cook properly after Joanna's mention of Becky disturbed and troubled her. Actually Isla had almost forgotten her existence.

"She...." Isla forced a smile, "Becky was my childhood friend who succumbed to short temper but her heart was in the right place. And I used to give way to her unconditionally in consideration of consanguinity, which contributed to her growing arrogance and aggressiveness leading to our current bad blood.

Isla smiled gently. However, Aron was her beloved who held more significance than her toys or hairpins. By no means would she share him with Becky.

"Now I have to dismiss Becky as someone who is insignificant after all those unpleasant encounters through the years." Isla replied with an indifferent smile, while pouring out the mushroom-seasoned vegetable, and asking everyone else to join for dinner, "Well done, please let us dine together."

On reflecting upon Isla boundless energy and magnanimity, she realized Becky was more evil than she had realized.

But now it was a thing of the past and she had to start afresh. She hoped in the following days Isla and Aron would live in happiness.

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