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   Chapter 294 The End of the Collaboration

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"Come on, let's just leave. There's no point in arguing with such an unreasonable woman."

Autumn decided it wasn't worth continuing a conversation with Paula seeing as she hasn't done anything but put all the blame on her.

"Stop! You have to settle this matter right now or else you'll regret it, "

Paula said, standing in front of them in an attempt to exert menace and might upon them.

"You don't really want to let us go, do you? Tell me. How far do you want this to go?" Autumn asked, growing impatient by the minute.

"How dare you evolve such an evil scheme to me?" Paula spoke harshly. Paula, overwhelmed by a sense of distress, became fully unaware of her due punishment.

"You're the one who stole my proposal and yet you're the one who has the gall to demand an explanation now? Don't you think that's ridiculous?" Autumn scoffed, unable to hide her sarcasm.

She couldn't accept the fact that Paula continued to act so arrogantly and willfully to bring many a good problem upon her.

"Have you planned this with Andy in a conniving manner?

Have you guys grown tired of being in such a relationship made unknown to others?"

Appalled by Autumn's question, Paula replied with a sneer.

"Did Charles left you so sexually unsatisfied that you decided to just be a dirty slut?"

Unable to contain her rage, Autumn's hand shot out, before Paula could even see it, slapping across her face.

"I won't think twice in doing that again if you dare smear my name."

Autumn believed it was just reasonable to express her indignation.

"Why? Are you angry at me for saying the truth?" Paula said, trying to appear unfazed as she felt her face.

"You think I don't know? I've heard the conversation between you and Hoada Masahiro at the restroom. You just won the Japanese case by deceit." Paula's face turned pale, shocked by Autumn's revelation.

"You…You were there the other day…"

She stammered, unable to find wor

had been wise enough to copy the updated proposal, we would have ended up in so much distress."

"I know, right? We would have really been in big trouble!"

Autumn was in disbelief, still overcome with lingering fear and shock. Had Leila met her end along with such deceitful people in the middle of their business circle, her plan would've really failed even with Andy's help.

She was certain Paula would make the event known to everyone, giving rise to a dire consequence, indeed.

It just so happened that luck was on her side that time. And she was more than thankful.

"This calls for a celebration. How about we go to dinner?" Autumn offered, overjoyed with their success.

Autumn was excited at her victory and about to begin a celebration, but Isla seemed unwilling to do so, "Autumn, I am afraid not...."

"But why? Do you have something to attend to?" Autumn asked out of curiosity.

"Yes…" Isla said, nodding her head in response. "Aron will be discharged from the hospital today so I have to be there."

"Is that it? Hmm. It seems like you really care about Aron more than me, " Autumn teased.

"Be quick. I guess we'll just have dinner afterward. Now I need go back to my company, " she further added. The truth was she was really glad to see Isla reunited with Aron.

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