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   Chapter 293 It's All Your Fault

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'Why is Autumn's scheme not the same as the one I have?' Paula was wild with confusion, hands clenched into fists, breathing heavily.

"I admit that Miss Ye did a good job today But..." Bill stopped with a scoff. "Who knows if she stole this idea from someone else again? Our proposal is just as good. Compared to Cloud Advertising Company, it's safer for you to work with us. Mr. Xu, what do you think?"

Andy only responded with a sniff. He leaned his head backward and whispered in Coco's ear. He spoke in an extreme low voice that even Bill near to him couldn't make it out.

"Mr. Xu said that the previous rules are invalid and Cloud Advertising Company shall, from here forth, be in charge of the projects for Giant Promise Company directly, " Coco declared, as she nodded at Andy and stood up.

"Thank you, Mr. Xu, " Autumn said to Andy. "I hope that we'll have a harmonious and long running cooperation, " she continued, offering her hand.

"I look forward to that." Andy returned, getting up and shaking hands with Autumn. When he was about to leave, Bill and Paula stopped him.

"Mr. Xu, what did you just do? Why did you abandon the previous rules?" Bill asked Andy visibly upset. "It's not fair to us."

"He is right, Mr. Lu, this is unfair, " Paula seconded, stepping forward. 'Although Autumn's proposal is better than mine, I still stand a chance to get this case. But now Andy changed the rules suddenly, ' Paula mused.

"You take her side only because of your relationship. This is unjust for us and downright unprofessional. We had worked overtime on this scheme. I can't accept your decision." Paula continued, crossing her arms.

When the rest heard this, they scornfully stared at Paula.

"It's true that Miss Ye is my relation. But if I really was partial to her, this meeting wouldn't have been necessary. Miss Pan, I think that you know it better than anyone else whether you actually worked

cked her brains setting up others and hurt them, but ended up hurting herself.

No one will pity her, ' he thought.

Turning to Autumn, he smiled. "I have something else to deal with and I will leave now. Don't forget to come by the house tonight for dinner."

"I will." Autumn nodded at him.

After seeing Andy leave the room, Autumn turned to Isla. They grabbed each other's hands and made a little dance but quickly stopped as there might be other people watching. They started gathering their things. "Isla, let's go back to the office." Autumn said with a wide grin.

"Okay boss!" Isla replied. When they were about to walk out the entrance, Paula dashed to them and blocked their way. "You did this, didn't you? You organized all of it, didn't you?" Paula shouted at them.

"You callous little monster!" Isla retorted. 'This bitch needs to be socked in the eye to knock her back to her senses, ' she thought. "You caused all of this. Why do you put the blame on us?"

"I didn't do anything wrong, " Paula sneered. "You have so much evil in you that you want to take revenge on me, so you..."

"Go on, " Autumn said unafraid. 'Why do people always attribute their own fault to others, ' Autumn thought, speechless.

"You did all of this, " Paula gave a cold look.

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