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   Chapter 292 Paula's Stolen Scheme

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After a pause, Coco, Andy's secretary turned to the audience. "All of you are judges except for the two companies bidding for this project. You each can vote for the company which you think has given the better presentation. The firm with the most votes will be our cooperative partner. Is everything clear?"

"Ok, now that you all know the voting mechanism... Let us all welcome the representative of Dark Blue Company to demonstrate their proposal first, " Coco announced, looking over to the direction of Autumn and Paula who were both nodding.

Paula glanced over at Autumn and smirked. Autumn had a bad vibe as her eyelids kept twitching.

Paula stood up with a confident air and began the presentation, sounding a little too enthusiastic. "Hello everyone, this is our scheme from Dark Blue Company..."

Paula waited for Autumn's reaction. She was dying to see Autumn's response when she saw that Dark Blue Company's scheme was the same as hers.

Paula showed the PPT slides and illustrated her scheme confidently. She had spent the whole night before figuring out the idea of this scheme. To her satisfaction, she finally saw Autumn's shocked expression. Then a panic-stricken Isla tried to get up to say something but she was stopped by Autumn.

Paula gave a triumphant smile as she continued to illustrate their scheme with PPT. The CEO of Dark Blue Company who was also present, frequently nodded at her, convinced that he had made a wise decision to let Paula take over this proposal.

As Paula and her boss were immersed in the joy of their imminent victory, they didn't notice that the staff in Giant Promise Company were looking at them with sour faces.

Paula naively believed that she would be the winner. But she had no idea that Cloud Advertising Company had already shown this proposal to Giant Promise Company before. Isla raised her hand to say something, but Autumn grabbed her hand and pulled her down.

"Autumn, this is..." Isla's voice was shaking. She wanted to cry out and let o

you may now introduce your proposal on behalf of Cloud Advertising Company." Andy turned towards Autumn.

Autumn nodded at him, and then walked up to the projector. Paula leaned against her chair, waiting to see Autumn make a fool of herself. But when she read the content of Autumn's scheme, she was in disbelief.

As Autumn proceeded with her introduction, Paula found that Autumn's presentation was completely different from what Leila had sent her. Confused, Paula quickly flipped through the pages. 'What the hell is this?

Has she prepared two presentations? How is this possible?' Paula's heart was beating faster.

During her presentation, Autumn did not even cast a single glance towards Paula. Paula's reaction was the least that she cared about. It lasted an hour and a half. She focused on expounding her scheme, which grabbed the attention of everyone in the room. When she concluded her presentation, the crowd jumped to their feet and erupted into a thunderous and prolonged applause.

Isla gave Paula a smug glance. She was delighted to see Paula's pale face.

"Miss Ye, this is much better than the previous one, " Andy said to Autumn, standing up and clasping his hands warmly. He emphasized on the words "much better".

"Mr. Xu, you flatter me." Autumn responded humbly and returned to her seat with her laptop.

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