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   Chapter 291 What's Your Relationship

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"I know that you'll present your proposal first. So what?" Autumn asked, puzzled and cast a sidelong glance at Paula.

"Autumn, if I were you, I would drop out of the bidding now, lest it should be a disgrace." Paula taunted, smiling as if she had already won. "As a planner who is famous for copying, you have the gall to compete with Dark Blue Company! That's ridiculous. I'm telling you, Cloud Advertising Company's reputation has been irreparably tarnished. Thanks to you."

"Get your mind out of the gutter." Isla angrily stepped forward and ready to claw out at Paula but Autumn stopped her. Autumn looked at Paula coldly and said, "Paula, we compete with schemes and ideas, not lip service. What advantage do you get by mocking me? Stop dreaming!"

Then Autumn stepped closer. "Don't forget that you never beat me when we were at Cloud Advertising Company. Would you like me to recall it for you?"

"You... " Paula gritted her teeth furiously because what Autumn said was a fact that she could not refute. But she calmed down and said, "Don't count the chicks before they hatch. Let's wait and see who wins."

"Yeah, we'll see." Autumn replied confidently and pulled Isla away. Watching them go, Paula fiercely called out, "Humph, you're gonna be the ones who'll end up looking like trash today."

"Gosh, Paula is everywhere and constantly on you!" Isla said helplessly. "I warned you to be on your guard against her, but I didn't expect her to come after you all the time."

"I'm okay." Autumn smiled and said, "She just bickers with me once in a while. But she never really wins. I have nothing to lose."

"I just can't stand her attitude towards you." Isla complained.

Autumn held her hand, and soothed her, "Come on, don't let her get to you. It doesn't even work on me." Then she quickly put on a cunning smile and changed the subject. "Oh, by the way, why di

Giant Promise Company called them into the meeting room. Paula gave Isla a dirty look and said, "I'll deal with you later."

Then she walked into the meeting room with her folder, and Isla and Autumn followed.

Isla was still asking Autumn about her relationship with Andy when she walked in the room. "It's complicated, " Autumn said simply. "I'll tell you about it later."

Isla stopped asking.

Although only two companies, Dark Blue Company and Cloud Advertising Company, participated in the proposal competition, the meeting room was full of people. The tension was high and they felt the pressure as soon as they entered.

Autumn and Isla sat down opposite Paula who was giving them a scornful look. At this time. Andy looked at Autumn and asked softly, "Are you ready? I'll get them started if you're ready."

"We're ready now." Autumn answered.

Andy then motioned to his secretary behind him. The secretary nodded slightly, stood up and explained to Autumn and Paula, "In the last round of proposal competition, we were torn between your two companies, which is why we have such a competition today. Unlike in the past, this competition will be conducted in an open way, so that the losing company could clearly know why they lost."

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