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   Chapter 290 The First Person To Propose

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"I'm good." Autumn was actually depressed, not because of the these harsh words, but because they came from her own mother. She did not expect that she would even think of destroying her like this. Autumn knew that Wendy disliked her but this was just pure hatred.

After Autumn regained control of her emotions, she said, "Aunt Jane, I was sent to the hospital because Yvonne pushed me down the stairs and broke my bones when I was 15 years old. I spent a whole week in the hospital, but my mother didn't even visit me at all. I didn't expect that she would make an issue about it now and use it to spread lies about me..."

Autumn was so heart broken and did not know what else to say.

Jane felt so sorry for Autumn after hearing this story. Had she known the truth earlier, she would not have hurt Autumn, now matter how much she disliked her.

She actually liked Autumn before those things happened.

"Sorry, I......" Jane did not know what to say to comfort Autumn.

"I'm fine." Autumn now felt the pressing matter was to break off any relationship she had with Wendy.

"Autumn, is..... your husband still angry about what I did?" Jane came here after realizing her mistake, but most importantly, for Chris.

She heard from Sam that Chris no longer wanted to talk to her, much less to see her. Jane would not forgive herself if she lost her future daughter-in-law. That's why Jane decided to come.

Autumn glanced at Jane slightly and said, "Relax. I don't think it will make any impact on Charles or Chris.

"That's good, that would be good." Jane was so relieved as she took Autumn's hand and said, "I always know that you are a good considerate child. What had happened was all my fault, please...... Please let Chris know how bad I feel for my behavior the other day. I hope she could also forgive me."

"Yes of course. I will, Aunt Jane." Autumn h

she here?"

"She left Cloud Advertising Company to work for Dark Blue Company. As I know she is their chief planner. I'm not surprised to see her here, " Autumn whispered back. Isla was amazed. "I didn't expect that she would have skills for that."

"Me neither." Both women giggled as Paula walked by proudly.

"It's been a long time, Miss Ye." Paula's fighting spirit was soaring, as she stopped and stood in front of Autumn.

"I really don't want to see you if I could help it." Autumn curled her lips slightly.

"You......" Paula was taken aback. She did not expect Autumn to talk like that and it embarrassed her. But when she thought about what would happen soon, Paula's face lightened up again. She looked at Autumn and said, " You could keep being stubborn and reluctant, I'll see if you can still be like this after the presentation."

Paula taunted at Autumn.

"Let's see who gets the last laugh then." Isla smiled, pulling Autumn aside, warning her to stay away from Paula.

Paula blocked the two women in front of her, and handed over a piece of paper. It was the order of today's proposals and Dark Blue Company was to go first with their presentation. "As you can see, I get to be the first to make the presentation."

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