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   Chapter 289 She Is My Birth Mother

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Easier said than done. Although Leila lectured her former colleague to mind her own business, she couldn't resist her own curiosity. She couldn't help but fix her eyes on the glass door of the meeting room, eager to know what was happening inside.

She expected to see some fight and hear some yelling. But to her disappointment, the conference room was quiet.

Autumn sat twirling her ball-point pen between her fingers, while Jane sitting opposite her wore an embarrassed expression.

Both of them kept silent.

Autumn didn't know what to say, and she even regretted letting Jane enter the company premises. Jane didn't know how to apologize to Autumn.

When she came home from Autumn's company the other day, Sam had big fight with her. "Mom, why do you insist that Little Ye and I have a thing? Did anyone say anything to you?" Sam couldn't help raising his voice at his own mother.

Not until at that time did she realize that she might have really misunderstood Autumn.

After reflecting on what had happened, she recalled that it was Wendy who fed her the news that Autumn and Sam got together again.

She believed Wendy as she was Autumn's mother.

"Miss... Ye, " Jane opened her mouth after hesitating for quite a while. "I'm sorry for what I had done to you the other day."

In Autumn's eyes, Jane was a proud woman. It was impossible for her to make an apology. Therefore, when Autumn heard her words, she was stunned. She couldn't believe her ears. "Pardon... me?" she asked dumbfounded.

"I apologize for my rudeness and lack of class, " Jane explained. "Don't look at me with your amazed eyes. No one is perfect and I make mistakes too. Now that I know I misjudged you, I should acknowledge it. Is there anything w

noticed Autumn's pale look.

"I'm fine, " Autumn answered with a slight smile.

"What did she tell you?" she continued.

'Why did I believe Wendy's baseless words? Perhaps because I didn't want to see Autumn and Sam get together, so I found myself the perfect excuse to separate them, ' Jane reflected.

"She said... you went to the hospital to have an abortion at 15 because you slept with someone. You were a materialistic girl and you chose to date Sam only because of our wealth. You wanted to marry a rich man to change your fate..." Jane said. Jane no longer believed those. Meanwhile, Autumn's face turned white with such sorrow that it was her own mother spreading such lies.

'She is my birth mother. How could she slander me and steal my happiness?' Autumn thought bitterly.

"I know the answer. She lied to me." 'It's ridiculous. I have already known that what Wendy told me weren't true. Why did I ask Autumn about it?' Jane reproached herself.

Seeing Autumn get sadder by the second, Jane felt sorrier for her. "Autumn, child. I am so sorry. If I had been wiser, you wouldn't have suffered so much, " Jane felt terrible about herself.

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