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   Chapter 288 Gossiping About The Boss

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"My main purpose is..." Leila decided to get down to business, "Autumn, my present career owes much to your strong recommendation for my admission into Shining Company. I have long been thinking of a chance to repay your kindness, so.... I would like to invite you to dine together. I hope you do not decline it....."

"You should be at work today." Autumn wondered why Leila had time to pay her a visit at that moment.

Leila was somewhat challenged by Autumn and explained, "Today I caught a cold and I was allowed to take the afternoon off. It was approved by Mr. Lu."

"Really?" Autumn expressed her doubt, "Then you had better go home for a good rest. You were recommended on your merits. So long as you keep working hard, I will be gratified. Such treat is deemed as unnecessary."

"However it is a chance to express my gratitude. Please don't turn me down." Leila did not relent.

"Thanks a lot. I am not sure if I can accept it...." But all the same, Autumn decided to give in to Leila's offer as she was somehow overcome by Leila's persistence. 'What the heck. The sooner this is over, the better, ' she mused.

But Autumn remained doubtful of Leila's intentions, because Leila had never been so nice.

"Well, let me choose the place, okay? But...."

Autumn paused and continued, "I wonder what you can do while you wait for me. I do have to finish all these tasks on my table."

"It doesn't matter." Leila replied quickly, "Don't worry about me. I can entertain myself in the meantime."

Leila expressed her willingness to wait until Autumn's business matters were all taken care of.

"Ok, you can wait here." Autumn being overburdened by her work paid little a

nt at the meeting room. She then expressed her curiosity to Leila, "Leila, the relationship between Boss Ye and the woman's son seems dubious despite strong denials from Boss Ye and Mr. Lu. The lady who came was really on fire the other day."

"You are the gossiping queen, indeed!" They laughed out and gave each other a high five. Leila then warned her, "Your chatter will bring misfortune upon you someday. Autumn is kind to you now, but someday, she will get back at you for your persistent gossiping, when your regret is as good as futile"

"Leila...." the girl pleaded, "there is no malice. I hope you can keep our conversation secret."

"How naughty you are....." Leila found that the marriage between Autumn and Charles was an object of laughter and ridicule at the office.

"You can rest assured. I won't tell Autumn about this." Leila replied calmly. She warned the girl, "You had better not gossip about your boss, otherwise, you will suffer dire consequences sooner or later."

Leila shared what Autumn warned her about.

"You are right. I won't gossip like this again." But they both knew that it would.

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