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   Chapter 282 A Start-off

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The timeline was very tight. Every one in the planning team was working overtime for the project. It took two days to complete something worth presenting. After that, someone suggested to go to a bar and celebrate it, but Autumn turned it down.

"We can celebrate it wherever you want but only after our presentation is carried out smoothly. Today...... I suggest we go home and have a rest since we have been working on it for a long time and didn't get a chance to have a breather. Tomorrow, let's regroup to discuss the plan with fresh eyes and see if there's anything that needs modification." As Autumn said that, all of them became disappointed, which amused her.

When Autumn got on the elevator she asked Isla, "Isla, how are you going home tonight?" Isla smiled, "Someone is coming to pick me up."

"Who is he?" Autumn smiled curiously and tried to guess, "Is it Aron?"

"Autumn." As Isla heard his name, she couldn't help frowning. "I don't want to talk about that jerk. Please don't even say his name or it will worsen my already stressful day."

Autumn went black as she didn't expect Isla to be so sensitive to this name. Indeterminately, Autumn said, "Isla, do you have some spare time? I want to talk to you."

Autumn wanted to talk to Isla about Aron. If she happened to be free, now would be appropriate.

"If you want to talk about Aron, then I'm always busy." Isla grinned and said to Autumn, "I really have no time today. I had a blind date the other day. The guy I met is good in every aspect. So I want to see him again and see if I can get along with him. He is going to pick me up to watch a movie."

"You...... have already been with him?" Autumn asked Isla.

Isla nodded slightly, but then shook her head. She said to Autumn, "Not yet, but I'll try to get along with him. We both felt great the last time."

"It can't be......"

to keep the smile on her face.

"It's OK. Please give me a second. I will handle it." Stephen showing his true colors was not sitting well with Isla. After consoling Joanna, Isla said to Stephen in a sharp tone, "Mr. Chen, I need to have a talk with her now. You can wait for me if you are willing to, or you can leave right now. This..." Isla said, pointing to the two of them, "is not a steady relationship yet. If you don't want to do this with me, just let me know. We shouldn't be wasting each other's time."

"I......" Stephen was embarrassed. He dared not oppose Isla anymore because she had gotten angry. He said to Isla, "Fine. I'll wait here, come back as soon as you're done."

The matchmaker who introduced them, told him that, although Isla was a bit older than him, she had a good job and made good money. He just wanted to find a rich woman that could afford his lifestyle. So he didn't dare irritate Isla anymore. Otherwise he would need to start meeting another woman.

Isla ignored him and turned around to help Joanna walk into the coffee shop. She ordered a cup of coffee for herself and a cup of milk for Joanna. Then she asked Joanna, "Grandma Joanna, what did you want to come see me for? Is it something serious?"

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