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   Chapter 280 She Was Different

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Arthur was excited. "I knew you would come." It was a cold day in November, but Arthur insisted on waiting for them by the door.

Autumn felt a little bit guilty when she saw Arthur's sincere smile but his face a bit frozen.

"Why didn't you just wait inside?" Charles asked. Arthur rubbed his hands and sheepishly said, "I was looking forward to seeing Autumn. So were your two grandmothers."

Autumn was touched when she heard that. She walked up to Arthur, held his hands and said, "Promise me that you'll never do this again. It's too cold for you, I wouldn't forgive myself if you got sick."

"Okay, I promise." Arthur was always a serious man, but at that time he was moved by what Autumn just said.

"Come on in, please." He asked Charles and Autumn to get inside. Abby stood by with little Cindy in her arms, and she said, "Father said that you would certainly come and he insisted on waiting for you by the door. Thank God you came, or he would be disappointed indeed."

"Come on, Abby, stop it." Arthur was a little bit embarrassed.

"Dinner is ready, just come and sit." Emily asked them to have dinner, "This is what your grandma has attentively cooked for you, "

It would be perfect to eat something hot on such a cold day.

"Grandma Emily, are you feeling better now?" Autumn walked over to Emily stroking her forehead.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me. Here, come sit beside me and eat something, " Emily said. Amy did not say a word as she kept bringing steaming dishes to the table.

Autumn was so touched, looking at all the dishes that started piling on the table.

"Thank you, grandma." Amy paused and her eyes turned red. She said, "Silly girl, you don't need to say thank you to your gran


"Well, we had a great time here tonight. But it's getting late, and we must go." Autumn stood up and said with a big grin, "Dinner was great as well. But please don't cook so many dishes next time."

"Will you come again tomorrow?" Amy looked at Autumn and eagerly asked. She would be happy if she could see Autumn everyday.

"I'll come to see you as soon as I have time." Autumn smiled and said, "But you don't have to wait for me all the time, okay?"

"Okay." Knowing that Autumn would come see them again, Amy was as happy as a student who received praise from a teacher.

As Charles and Autumn left, Charles kissed her on the forehead. "Autumn, you are very different from the last time we were here."


"How you treated your family today was different."

"Wasn't it you who told me to be like that? You have to be nicer to me now that I have a strong family, right?" Autumn teased.

When they got home, Chris was waiting for them. She said, "Autumn, I'm so sorry, I've heard what happened today, I didn't really expect it."

She had been waiting in their living room for a long time to apologize to Autumn herself.

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