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   Chapter 279 Autumn's Jealousy

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"Long time no see, " Autumn returned coolly, but without a hint of joy on her face.

"You may go out now, " Charles told Leila as he turned around.

"But Mr. Lu, this document..." Leila was reluctant to leave.

"Yes you may leave. I will sign it later after checking it." Charles said, sounding a bit irritated. He didn't like repeating himself.

Leila was taken aback. "Well, Ok then I will leave now. Let me know if I can be of any more help, " she nodded, looking disappointed.

Before leaving the office, Leila cast Autumn a dissatisfied look.

"What brought you here so early today?" Charles asked Autumn after Leila had left. "Things with the event plan went smoothly today, so I came here early. How about you? When will you be done with work?" Autumn asked.

"I need a bit more time." Charles replied. "We can leave as soon as I'm done." Charles continued, looking at his watch.

"Okay." Autumn agreed. Charles returned to his desk to focus on his work, lifting his head to look at Autumn's face now and then. "There are some refreshments on the table. Just help yourself if you feel hungry." he added.

Autumn nodded, and let him get on with his job.

She grabbed a magazine from the table, intending to read it. But at the thought that Rachel's wedding with Edward had been the headlines these days, she put the magazine back immediately not wanting to see anything that could annoy her. She just sat there, looking around an already familiar room, idly killing time.

All of a sudden, "Let's go, " Charles said to Autumn, getting his suit hanging from an adjacent chair.

"Are you done?" Autumn sighed with relief. How long had she been sitting there? It was so dull there that she almost fell asleep.

"Yeah." Charles answered. "Mr. Lu, are you done with work?" Leila stood up from her desk, as she saw Charles and Autumn walking out of his office hand in hand.

"Yes I am." Charles said impatiently. "David, we are leaving now. Call me only if it is really impor

thought about how Leila looked. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't think of anything. "Well...She is pretty... the normal kind. I only remember that I couldn't stand the heavy perfume she wears."

" She is actually beautiful. You're telling me that you've never looked at her for longer than 5 seconds? You've never even noticed the pretty dresses she wears? No crushes? Nothing?" Autumn's voice didn't hide her irritation.

Charles was enjoying this moment. Autumn's jealousy was kind of cute. "Well, do you think she is more gorgeous than Rachel?" Charles was grinning from ear to ear.

In her mind, Autumn tried to compare Leila and Rachel. 'Rachel is prettier.' She didn't say anything to Charles

"Ok. But no matter how fabulous she is, I only care about you. You know that, don't you? If you're still worried about it, I can fire her tomorrow, " Charles reassured her.

"There is no need, " Autumn responded. Autumn blushed. She was contented to know that Charles only loved her. She couldn't believe that he would fire Leila just like that, to appease his wife. 'It's not easy to find Charles a competent secretary. Just let Leila continue to work there. There will be no problem... as long as I keep an eye on her.'

When they arrived at the Zhao family's house, Arthur greeted them at the door.

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