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   Chapter 278 The Gate-crasher

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Charles ate a lot since he was in a very good mood, even though he kept complaining about feeling bloated afterwards. Autumn was amused by his words. She laughed at him and said, "Why did you eat so much then? Your stomach must be aching, right? Charles, you can be very funny sometimes."

Charles smiled back at her, but said nothing. They walked downstairs to the company as Autumn was about to go back to her office. "I am afraid that I won't have time to see my grandmother today because of my workload, but if you have some time, please visit her and keep her company. I will have to work an extra shift in the office today, " said Autumn.

She paused for a while and went on to add, "If I can manage to get off work earlier, I will meet up with you, so we can pay her a visit together. Is that all right with you?"

"Sure. As you like it, " Charles nodded with a soft smile. ?Autumn spent the whole afternoon working while her employees were all inspired by the meeting in the morning. They worked diligently and soon completed planning the general structure of the proposal. Autumn was pleased by their hard work and devotion so she decided to give everyone the rest of the day off. Autumn was in a good mood and she looked forward to meeting Charles. When she went to the parking lot, she found Aron's car parked there. She figured that Aron was probably waiting for Isla.

Autumn felt happy for Isla; seeing Aron's car there. She felt relieved knowing that Aron cared about Isla so much. "Hey, Aron." Autumn stepped forward and asked, "Are you waiting for Isla here?"

"Hello, Autumn. Yes, I am waiting for her." However, instead of being cheerful, Aron looked upset. He'd come here almost everyday to see Isla after she got off work, but she'd always avoid meeting him. To add salt to his wound, he found out that she had been seeing other people and going on blind dates.

Autumn was quick to notice the sadness in his eyes. "What's up? You look sad, " Autumn asked him curiously.

"It is difficult to put it all in a nutshell, " replied Aron. Aron took Autumn into his confidence since they had been through a lot of hardships together during their childhood. Thus, when Autumn showed her concern for him, he began to pour out his grievances to her. "Autumn, Isla is still mad at me. She is still reluctant to talk to me, even though I have already apologized to her sincerely, many times. I am so worried; I don't know what to do, I am at a loss here."

"What? She is still angry with you?" She assumed that they had cleared the air and that everything in the past was just water under the bridge, but she did not expect to find that

girl, just by her manners.

"David, please sign this document. Thanks." Alice handed the file to David. Autumn noticed that they were busy with work so she left them and walked towards Charles's office. She stood in front of his office and knocked the door.

"Come in, " said Charles.

Autumn pushed the door open and walked in, but was soon shocked to find Leila sitting there, dressed scantily. She even wore a sycophantic smile with an obsequious air. Autumn found Leila's sex appeal highly inappropriate and irritating.

"Autumn, what are you doing here?" Charles was surprised to see Autumn. He stood up quickly, stepped forward to Autumn and sat her down beside Leila. Leila seemed very indignant and kept glaring at Autumn with a disdainful look.

Leila wasn't expecting to see Autumn today, and before Autumn had arrived, she was in a cheerful mood because she found the chance to be with Charles alone even though they were just talking about work. Leila cherished the beautiful moment she had with him, especially since no one had come to bother them.

But now that Autumn was here, her happiness evaporated into thin air.

Autumn sensed a strange vibe come from Leila as she sneaked a glance at her.

It was easy to spot Leila's affection for Charles. Thus, she was starting to get a little concerned. After all, just as the old saying goes, a water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first. Perhaps one day Charles would fall in love with Leila after being closely associated with her.

"Hello, Autumn, long time no see, " Leila greeted her. Although Leila was unhappy to see Autumn, she had to pretend to be a kind-hearted woman. Therefore, Leila held back her resentment and greeted Autumn with a soft smile which made her look graceful.

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