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   Chapter 277 The Shabby Resaurant

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Jane didn't stop cursing at Autumn even when she was being taken away by the security. Although her mood was ruined by Jane's words, her spirits were lifted when she turned around and found Charles by her side. "How did you know?" she asked him.

"Isla called me and told me what happened. I happened to be around the area dealing with some business, so I came here as soon as I got Isla's call." Charles patted her head gently and said, "You shouldn't be so kind to everybody unless you want to be pushed around by people. Do you understand me?"

Although Charles blamed her, he did so in an affectionate tone. Autumn scratched her head and stuck her tongue out to him like a child.

"Why don't we get something to eat?" Charles suggested as he checked the time.

"Wait for a moment. Let me finish the meeting." Autumn felt extremely disappointed that the meeting had to be stopped because of Jane's intrusion.

She felt like she was always burdening Charles with her problems. Whether it was when they were in Japan or now, she realized that she couldn't solve her problems without his help.

Thus, she really wanted to excel at her work to show Charles all the progress she had made by herself.

"I'll wait for you then." Charles sat beside Autumn while the rest of the participants prepared for the meeting. Isla was amazed to see Charles in the meeting room after she returned from escorting Jane out of the company with the help of the security guards.

"You can carry on. I'm just an onlooker." Charles smiled at Isla.

Autumn didn't think it was inappropriate to have Charles attend the meeting as he was the main shareholder of the company; he could stay there everyday if he wanted to.

"I apologize that our meeting was abruptly interrupted just now." Then she continued, "It's wise of us to give up the project of Light House Company but... we have all put so much work and time on it, I w


Nobody would believe that such a handsome man in an expensive suit would eat lunch in this restaurant. Autumn was amused to see him sitting there.

"Why are you laughing?" Charles asked her out of confusion.

"I don't know." Autumn shook her hands and said, "Charles, I know you've never been to any shabby places like this restaurant before, but I used to live around here. I want to open my heart and share my past with you. It's an excellent restaurant even though it looks a little messy, so I want you to have a try."

The owner of the restaurant approached them while they were talking. She greeted Autumn with a smile, "Hi, so nice to see you again and this is?"

She looked at Charles carefully with tender eyes so that he wouldn't feel unwanted.

"He is my husband, " Autumn said proudly.

Charles nodded and greeted her politely.

"Really? Congratulations! Please help yourselves. I'll prepare some more dishes for you!" The owner walked away happily.

Autumn picked up a piece of pork and gave it to Charles. "How is it?" she asked him with great expectations in her eyes. "Is it delicious?"

Charles had to admit that it was really good.

Autumn was glad to hear that he liked it. They smiled happily as they gazed into each other's eyes.

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