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   Chapter 275 No Worries

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"Shut up!" Isla yelled, frustrated at the people around them. Autumn continued to be the subject of much gossip, reminding Isla of the time when her friend had been maligned. "I can't believe all of you! How can you slander her name without even knowing what really happened?" she exclaimed, disappointed to hear people spread rumors about Autumn without even knowing the truth.

Gossip continues to fill the atmosphere as Isla's words fell into deaf ears.

"I've once heard that there's something wrong with her. It turned out to be true. I wonder why a wealthy man such as Mr. Lu continue to stay with her, " someone murmured.

"You're absolutely right. I think Mr. Lu would be extremely angry if he knew that his wife has been having an affair, " another person responded in return.

A rumor had been spreading that Autumn had been cheating on her husband behind his back. They speculated that Charles would have already dumped her if he knew what was going on.

Autumn felt extremely defeated with what she heard.

"You know what? Your manager is good for nothing except when it comes to seducing someone. My son, who was at a very young age at that time, even became a victim himself! Who knows what she might have done if we hadn't moved overseas? Look at her now. She still hasn't stopped pining over him after so many years, " Jane said, accusing her of misconduct.

"Tell us, what would it take for you to finally stop this nonsense? Why can't you just leave us alone?!"

Autumn tried her best to defend herself even while dumbfounded. "Aunt Jane, you should know that those are all lies. How many times should I tell you that I haven't done any of that?"

Despite being true to her words, Jane refused to hear anything that she had to say. How could she bring herself to believe Autumn when even Wendy, her own mother, accused her of having a love affair with her son? She even saw with her very own eyes that Sam hugged Autumn just a few days ago.

"You keep saying that Autumn seduced your son. Well, why don't you prove it?

If you fail to give any evi

my own eyes and you've admitted it yourself. So who are you kidding here?" she asked as she further continued.

"Let me make this easier for you. How much money do you need? Just tell me anything you want just as long as you'll promise to leave my son, " Jane said, offering monetary bribes.

She knew that Autumn lived with her grandmother, aware of the fact that they had always been poor since she was just a child.

"Just like what I said, I'll give you everything you want. You just have to promise that you'll stick to your word."

"What promise are you talking about?"

Before any of them could even say anything, Charles suddenly came in to view, looking sharp in a black handmade suit.

The crowd went silent as he stood, making his presence known. With an expressionless face, he scanned the room to look for Autumn.

He found her at the corner of the room, standing like a deer in the headlights. With her pale face and chapped lips, he looked at her closely, seeing how she tried hard to compose herself with demeanor.

Too ashamed to face him, Autumn failed to meet his gaze. She didn't think she'd be able to defend herself, terribly afraid that Charles might misunderstand her relationship with Sam.

He walked through the crowd, standing beside her. "It's alright. Don't worry, I'm always on your side, " he whispered as she melted in his warm embrace.

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