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   Chapter 274 Nothing To Be Feared

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Autumn left some words to the HR department and then entered the meeting room. When she walked in, she found that everyone was there. As soon as Autumn sat down, someone hurried to ask her, "Manager Ye, how is our proposal for the Light House Company going?"

"I want to inform all of you of the progress of that proposal." Autumn took her seat, looked around and announced, "We did not win the Light House project."

"How can it be?" All the planners looked at each other in astonishment. They could hardly believe that they lost the project after being just one step away from successfully getting the job. They had worked hard for it for such a long a time.

The whole company expected that they would bring about an upswing. But now...... They had come to a dead end.

"How can things go like that?" There was a loud chatter in the room. Everyone was arguing about the result, trying to mask their disbelief at the loss.

Isla was informed of this by Autumn ahead of time, so she remained calm. She said to her colleagues, "Don't worry now. Why not hear Manager Ye out?"

Following Isla's advice, the staff stopped talking and the room fell silent. Everyone looked attentively at Autumn. One of them asked respectfully, "Manager Ye, we are very curious why we failed to win the project."

Autumn sighed and answered, "I am to blame for this failure."

Autumn didn't tell them the reasons in detail except for the low budget. She said, "I know that everyone wants to complete and perfect this proposal. You have even worked overtime and exerted a lot of efforts. In return for your hard work, I have decided that ......"

The door was violently opened before Autumn could finish her words. "Where is Autumn Ye? Where are you, Autumn Ye? Show her to me."

"What's going on?"

"Yeah, what happened?"

The staff started whispering to each other again. Autumn raised her head and saw Jane Lin standing at the door of the meeting room, standing aggressively. Autumn hadn't seen Jane for many years. She was still as beautiful and young looking as before. And as bitterly hostile as before.

"Manager Ye, I'm so sorry but I couldn't ...... " The receptionist apologized with a bow and said to Autumn, "I couldn't stop her."

"Never mind, just go back to your desk." Autumn dismissed the receptionist and then said to Isla,

far? You have gone even further than me, you fool!" Jane laughed grimly, "One saying can be exactly applied here. Like mother, like daughter. Your mother was so disgraced to have gotten involved with a married man, so her daughter does the exact same thing. You are as shameless as your mother."

"Hello? Is that all? Haven't you said enough?" Isla noticed that Autumn's face had turned pale, so she interrupted Jane, shouting at her, "I'm warning you, your trash talk is not welcome here. Autumn is nowhere near what you described. Go away and maybe try to control your son's life. This is not the place where you can cause us trouble whenever you want."

Isla continued her defense of Autumn. Meanwhile, Autumn was struggling to adjust to what was happening. Then she lightly pulled Isla away, saying, "I'm fine."

Autumn gritted her teeth and tried as hard as she could to stay composed. "Aunt Jane, it is true that you convinced me to break up with Sam because you wanted him to marry a girl of equal status. Of course, I was not that girl. So, against my will, I ended it with him. Now I am married to a man who is giving me a better life. Sorry to break your illusion but your son has nothing to do with me. If you cannot give me a reasonable explanation for your behavior today, I will invoke my right to pursue you legally. Is that understood, Aunt Jane?"

With all her employees watching, Autumn stood up to Jane with confidence, instead of shrinking and melting in shame.

She was free from any remorse. Why should she have any fear of her?

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