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   Chapter 272 Grandma's Genuine Gift

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Autumn stood up and then sat beside Emily. "Grandma, " she said softly.

Emily put Autumn's hand into Amy's. Then she said, "I have decided to stay and live here with the Zhao Family from now on. You and Charles are at height of your careers and are too busy, so I don't want to cause any more trouble for you. I'm too old to adapt to a new living environment. I once was a member of this family and I don't want to leave them again."

Although everybody in Charles's home was very friendly to her, Emily couldn't feel at home as much as she did with the Zhaos.

The feeling of living with them was different. She had worked for this family for many years so she also took it as her own.

Moreover, it would be a good chance for Autumn to get closer to the Zhao Family when she came to visit her.

"I don't think it's okay, grandma." Autumn frowned. She tried to pull her hand away but Amy was grabbing it tightly. Seeing Amy's happy and hopeful expression, she gave up the attempt.

She understood what Amy was thinking because she could imagine the ordeal Amy had gone through when separated from Emily before.

"It's okay, trust me." Emily said gently, "The people here are all your family. If you miss me, you can just come here and visit me as often as you'd like."

"Grandma, I..." Autumn felt reluctant to agree with her but her grandma had made up her mind. She had no choice but to comply. "Okay, I'll bring you back here tomorrow, " she conceded.

"No, you need not do that. I am staying here from now on. You can just bring all my things." Emily had firmly made her decision.

"Grandma..." Arthur said, "Don't worry. Just let Emily live here so that she could have more time to chat with Amy."

"That's right. Please let Aunt Emily stay here. My mom has

piece of red cloth. It was made with a transparent crystal-like material and looked very expensive.

"This bracelet was handed down from generation to generation within our family. It was said that this bracelet was once dedicated to an emperor so it's really refined and expensive. There is only one similar to this. This one is for you and the other will be Cindy's when she grows up. Now please accept it. It's yours from now on." Then Amy pulled Autumn's hand and attempted to put it on her wrist.

"Sorry, I can't accept it." Overwhelmed, Autumn withdrew her hand. Then she said, "This gift is too expensive and I can't accept it."

Although she had changed the way she addressed them, she couldn't take them as her family in such a short time. Therefore, she felt reluctant to accept their gift.

"Of course you can accept it because it is given by your grandma." Amy looked at Autumn with a smile. Autumn shared the same persistence with Bowen.

"I have dreamed to see you for so many years since I found out about you. Now my dream has come true." Amy was too excited. She calmed herself and continued, "Autumn, please don't reject your grandma's genuine gift to you."

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