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   Chapter 271 We Are Family

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"Stop sitting there. Come here and join us." Abby said to Arthur. Today, Arthur was also a little different. He was quieter than usual. He stared at Emily with caring eyes, and secretly glanced at Autumn from time to time.

Abby sensed it and was worried that the serious atmosphere would make Autumn feel uncomfortable, so she called them to the table to eat. "Aunt Emily, here, let me help you up."

She came to Emily's side. Although the departure of Emily and Bowen wasn't that big an impression for her, she knew that Emily was the most reliable person to her eldest brother. Now as it turned out, she was the closest person to Autumn as well. Therefore, she had great respect for Emily.

Hearing the voice of Abby, Emily held out her hands, asking, "Are you Miss Abby?"

"Yes, I am, Aunt Emily." Abby took Emily's hands and replied, "It's me, Abby."

"Oh dear! You were about five or six years old when I left. And now you have grown up. How time really flies!" That's how it is with elder people. When faced with those who they haven't seen in a long time, they tend to recall the past affairs easily in their familiar surroundings. It's as if time was on pause and it had just started running again.

Very much so with Emily.

Abby helped Emily to sit at the table and said with a bright smile on her face, "I knew that you were coming to visit today, so I especially prepared your favorite dish, sweet and sour spareribs. I remember that you liked it before, but now I have no idea whether it still suits your taste. You can have a try shortly."

"Great. Great. Great." Emily said "Great" three times in a row. She was really having the time of her life, getting this chance to come and see the Zhao family before she died. They have always regarded her as a member of their family, not a servant who should keep herself at a distance.

"Autumn, please come and sit as well." After Abby helped Emily to the table, she also called Autumn over. Amy looked quite sentimental today. She went out to wipe her tears several times and Abby noticed. Abby knew that she was happy to have Emily come today.

Abby and Autumn sat at either side of Emily. Emily was in such a good mood that she ate heartily.

Seeing more smiles on her grandma's face than usual, Autumn was

e exchange between Autumn and Andy, Amy seized the chance to give some advise, "Look, Autumn is so busy with her work. Emily, why not live here with us? With the help of Arthur, your illness will be well under control, and Autumn can focus on her work instead of worrying about you all the time. What do you think?" Amy put forward the same suggestion as Abby's. For one thing, Emily's illness can be cured. For another, Autumn could devote herself to her work without any worries at the back of her mind.

"I think there is no such a need. It will bother you too much." Autumn rejected it instantly. Although it was the most proper thing for Emily at present, Autumn still didn't want to bring trouble to the Zhao family. After all, ...... There still was some estrangement between her and the Zhao family.

"It won't be troublesome at all, Autumn." Amy looked at Autumn with tenderness in her eyes. She said to Autumn, "My dear, we are family, will you consider taking care of your family as trouble?"

Knowing her grandchild as a sensible girl, Amy had mixed feelings.

It was the hard life that she used to live that made her such a thoughtful girl. She had taken on duties that other women of her age didn't bother to even think about.

Amy was pleased to see that Autumn had grown to be a sensible and thoughtful girl. But at the same time, she felt compassion for what Autumn had experienced.

"But......" Autumn slightly grimaced. Before she could say a word, Emily called her, "Autumn, you come here. "

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