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   Chapter 270 You Are Still The Same

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"What are you talking about?" Charles asked as he took off his coat. "It's nothing... Just some girl thing." Chris replied before Autumn could open her mouth, casting a knowing look at Autumn.

Autumn immediately understood what Chris was telling her just by looking, so she did not say anything about Chris's visitting the Lin family house. "And why are you home so early?" she asked Charles, as she took his coat.

"Aren't we going to have dinner with the Zhao family? That's why I have come home earlier than usual." Charles replied. "Have you gotten the presents ready?" he continued.

"Yes, I have, " Autumn answered. Autumn had bought presents for everyone at the Zhao household that morning. "Wait a moment. I will check on grandma, " she said to Charles.

Autumn hung the coat and then went to Emily's room. As soon as she walked in, she saw that Emily had already gotten up. "Grandma, what are you doing?" Autumn asked with concern, striding to her. Emily was going through the clothes in her wardrobe one by one.

"Autumn, I need your help to choose the right clothes for me. Which one do you think will make me look more energetic?" Emily had left the Zhao family for many years. She had been looking forward to this day when Autumn was reunited with them.

"This one looks good." Autumn advised, pointing to a red cotton-padded jacket. Since Emily moved in with the Lu family, Autumn had bought many clothes for her. Although Emily loved those clothes, she had never worn them. But today was a big day, going to the Zhao family residence, so she wanted to look good.

"OK, let me try it on." Emily said, taking the red jacket. "What do you think?" Emily asked with a bright smile, after she put it on.

She could no longer see, so she had to ask for Autumn's opinion.

"You look very beautiful, grandma." Autumn said, getting emotional. Although Emily lost her eyesight, she still noticed the quiver in Autumn's voice.

"My little girl, don't cry. You won't look

a is overjoyed today. Just let them talk longer, " Charles reassured her, holding her hand.

Autumn nodded. Just then, she saw a small hand holding out some napkins. It was Cindy who had climbed up onto the sofa.

"Sister, what's wrong?" Cindy asked with her beautiful big eyes wide open. Autumn smiled and shook her head, not knowing what to say to her.

Kids are always naive. When she saw Autumn crying, she felt sad. But when she turned around and caught sight of her favorite dragon fruit, she forgot about it immediately. She took the fruit and started eating.

"Emily, how have you been doing? I heard from Arthur that you were in poor health. Do you feel better now?" Amy asked. Amy was worried about Emily's condition.

"I'm old now. I have been used to it so you shouldn't worry one bit. The only one whom I worry about is Autumn. But now she has married a good man and reunited with you. I feel more peaceful now." Emily responded with a satisfied smile.

"Mrs. Zhao, please take good care of Autumn in the future, " Emily continued, clasping Amy's hands.

"You are still the same. You always think about others before yourself. When can you think for yourself?" Amy said, gazing at her and brushing the hair away from her face. "Don't worry. Autumn is my granddaughter and I will attend to her well."

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