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   Chapter 269 Do You Want to Marry Me

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Chris sat beside Jane uncomfortably. Meanwhile, Jamie walked towards Sam and asked in a serious tone, "Are you serious this time?"

"Yes, I most definitely am." Sam nodded. "Or else I would not have brought her home to meet you both."

"If you are serious about this relationship, treat her well. Chris seems like a very good girl." Jamie patted Sam on his shoulder, then added, "Remember to visit her family and talk about engagement. It's about time you decide now."

"I know." Sam nodded in sync with his thoughts.

With a strong feeling that Chris was the right one for her son, Jane became more and more happy about Chris, who sat across her. Though Chris was feeling uncomfortable about her fixed gaze. Finally she asked Jane, "What is it that you wanted to discuss?"

Upon hearing her question, Jane came back to earth and with an embarrassed look asked Chris, "Does Sam treat you well when you are with him?"

"Yes, he treats me quite well actually." Chris suddenly blushed pink, as she stole a glimpse of Sam, who was sitting beside her, and smiled. "He is good to me. He is even willing to buy me everything I want no matter how unreasonable I may be."

"My son actually has a low EQ." Jane signed. "Earlier I thought he was a gay. So now you can understand my extreme happiness to see him bring you home."

Jane composed her thoughts for a second and then went on, "You should know that when you were abroad, I liked you so much. I really think Sam and you make a perfect match. As you two are around the age to get married, when do you think is the proper time to hold the wedding?"

Chris was baffled when she heard Jane said that. Although she wanted to be with Sam, they had not discussed marriage just as yet. After all, they had just gotten together. How could she think in this direction so soon?

"Aunt, I..." Chris silently deliberated as she didn't know how to respond to this question.

However, Jane didn't pay heed to her reaction. She smiled and said to them, "I guess you haven't discussed about this, have you now?"

ling like a teenager on the sofa. She softly patted Chris.

"Autumn." Chris smiled shyly and blushed as she turned to look at Autumn.

"Did you meet his parents?" Autumn asked her.

"Yeah, I just got back from their home." Chris nodded and said to Autumn, "His parent are really kind. They even said..."

"Em? What did they say?" Autumn poured a glass of water for Chris and continued to ask her.

"They expect us to get married as soon as possible. Sister, don't you think it's too soon? I mean we just got into a relationship." Chris looked at Autumn with confusion.

Autumn stood still for a second, for she didn't expect that Sam's parents would urge them get married so soon. But within seconds she controlled her emotions and said to Chris, "That depends on you. You know that I didn't even know your brother well before our marriage, so don't be afraid of getting married too soon. Also, you have known Sam for such a long time. You two must understand each other quite well enough to know what the right step is. We will not intervene, since it's upon on your decision."

"But..." Chris frowned. She didn't know why, but she was a little worried.

"Don't think too much, just be clear whether you see a future with him or not." Autumn patted Chris's shoulder to comfort her. Right at this moment, Charles got back home, so she stood up to greet him.

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