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   Chapter 268 She Adores You

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Jane grew extremely nervous as she heard some noise coming from outside. But soon she saw Sam with a bright smile walking inside with parcels in his hands.

"Mom, I'd like to introduce someone to you, " Sam said to Jane as he put the bags aside gently and pushed Chris to the fore. "This is my girlfriend -- Chris. You have met her before."

"Nice to meet you, Jane, " Chris greeted as her cheeks flushed pink.

Jane let off a sigh of relief at the sight of Chris. "Let me have a good look at you. We haven't seen each other for months, am I right?" she turned to Chris as she gripped her hands warmly.

"Yes, it has indeed been several months, " Chris answered bashfully. "Jane, this is for you. I hope you like it, " Chris continued as she handed the scarf to Jane.

"You don't have to bother buying me gifts, dear. I am happy just to see you here." "Chris, you are such a considerate, kind and loving girl. Unlike you, Sam hasn't given me any presents yet. What is the point of giving birth to a son?" Jane went on as she giggled with her eyes simmering with joy. She then opened the package and found the scarf to her liking.

"Mom, are you sure?" Sam jumped in with a playful smile. Noticing Jane's immediate affection and liking towards Chris, he was much relieved.

"Let us forget him for now. Please do have a seat there and make yourself comfortable, " Jane said to Chris while taking her by the hand enthusiastically, and they sat down on the sofa. "Even when we lived abroad, I was very fond of you and I thought Sam and you would make a wonderful match. At that time, I tried to persuade him several times to try to see you, but he refused. Now, you two finally get together. I really just feel so happy seeing the both of you!"

Jane kept chatting with Chris holding her hand. She was very clear

e on the table. Follow me!"

Jamie didn't ask any questions and simply followed the command. Jane took a seat beside Chris, and kept piling food onto her plate, which made Chris very anxious.

"Chris, eat more. You're too thin, " Jane kept talking to Chris while adding more and more food onto her plate.

"I will. Aunt, please eat too." Somehow Chris felt tired for she had to eat food while talking to Jane.

"Jane, you're scaring her. Her bowl is full of food, " Jamie said, glancing at Jane. "Chris, don't be so formal. Act just like you would at your own home, " he then turned to Chris.

"Your uncle is right. Be at ease. Eat whatever you like, " Jane said with an earnest smile.

"I will, aunt, " Chris responded politely.

Chris was so nervous that she felt her back getting wet with perspiration.

"Are you okay?" Sam whispered to Chris after the meal. Chris said that she was fine and he didn't need to worry about her.

Chris was about to talk to Sam, but Jane's voice called out to her. "Chris, come here, " "Aunt, " Chris responded, walking up to Jane.

"Please sit down. There's something I want to ask you about." Jane said to Chris, patting the spot near her as an indication.

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