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   Chapter 267 Meeting Parents

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Wendy received a call from Debbie's mother at home. She taunted her from across the line and told her to ensure Yvonne behaved herself and to stop her from appearing and embarrassing herself in public. Wendy quivered with anger from the insulting remarks. To make matters worse, she could not think of one single argument to retort.

In a result of the conversation, she intended to hurl questions at Yvonne the moment she got home, only to find her look like a drowned mouse.

"Mom... " Wendy felt a pang of pain as she saw Yvonne so drunk. Then she helped Yvonne sit down on the sofa. "Just look at yourself, if you can't hold the liquor, then take it easy, okay?" Wendy advised with concern.

"Mom..." Yvonne looked at Wendy with a miserable expression and said, "I'm a loose woman of no character. No one wants to be associated with me. Mom, I just feel awful here."

Yvonne poured her heart out and kept repeating that she felt miserable.

Wendy and Simon had been protecting her since she was a child, so she had never been bullied or faced so much pressure.

Recently, all bad things were occurring one after another, which made it hard for her to stand tall.

"What's the matter? Tell me what happened, Yvonne. I will take care of you and help you through it, " Wendy said as she hugged Yvonne lovingly.

"No, mom, " Yvonne declined Wendy's request. After meeting Joe, Yvonne felt that one thing was finally clear: no one would wait for her forever. If she did not work hard, sooner or later, she would be abandoned by the society.

"Don't worry. I just had a few realizations. I'll listen to you from now on, mom. I will do what you ask me to do and will never disobey you, " Yvonne promised solemnly. "I just want to separate Autumn and Charles as soon as possible. Only I can be... Mrs. Lu, " she added with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"You are really my good daughter, Yvonne." Wendy looked at Yvonne with relief and happiness as she said, "Rest assured. I will arrange everything for you as soon as possible."

She was pleased to see Yvonne suddenly willing to listen to her.

Autumn and Chris spent the entire day shopping in the

flattered her near, prim and precise dressing. After that, she put on some light make-up and tied her hair in a ponytail.

With all the prep done, she went into the living room to wait for Sam to pick her up, and chatted with Gary.

It was nearly half past nine when Sam came. He greeted Gary and then turned to Chris. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, let's go, " Chris replied in a soft tone. Then she stood up and said to Gary, "Grandpa, I'm going out with Sam. Don't wait for me for dinner."

"Be polite at his house. Don't appear like you're uncultured, " Gary urged her. Upon hearing this, Chris felt a bit agitated and embarrassed.

As they left Dream Garden and drove to Sam's house, Chris felt her heart beating very fast as she sat in the passenger seat beside Sam.

"Are you okay? Are you nervous?" Sam asked considerately. Then he reached out and took her hand as he soothed her, "Don't worry. You've already met my parents a couple of times. And you know, they're easy to get along with."

"I know." Despite what she said, Chris was still nervous. Even Sam knew it and thus went on to comfort her, which actually put her beating heart to rest. As the car pulled over at Sam's house, they got out. Chris drew a big breath, took Sam's arm and walked in.

In fact, Sam's mother was just as perturbed as Chris. After seeing Sam protect Autumn yesterday, she had been on edge, fearing that Autumn would be the one Sam brought back.

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