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   Chapter 264 Hang Out With Friends

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"That's none of your concern, " Mrs. Lin responded coldly. In fact, she didn't know what to do next. Wendy kept bombarding her with questions, which annoyed her.

When Wendy told her that Sam went back to find Autumn again, she didn't believe it. Without HKind Group's assistance, Gu Group couldn't have survived. Therefore, Wendy didn't dare offend Mrs. Lin.

"Mrs. Lin, let me know if I can be of any help, " Wendy quickly changed the subject, as she noticed Jane's impatience.

Jane lost her interest in shopping at what she saw. She said farewell to Wendy and returned home directly. When Wendy arrived home, she found Yvonne lying around on the sofa, watching TV. Yvonne was eating snacks and dressed in her pajamas with her uncombed hair. She hadn't washed her hair for several days. "Look at yourself now. Are you still my daughter?" Wendy reprimanded angrily, looking at Yvonne who seemed to have abandoned life outside.

"What are you doing?" Yvonne cried out when Wendy turned off the television. "I have lost Charles. What else can I do now? Are you still expecting me to find a rich son-in-law for you? Stop daydreaming!" Yvonne continued with a sneer.

She walked up to Wendy and grabbed the remote control from Wendy's hand, turned the TV back on and continued to watch.

Since the news of her miscarriage had spread, Yvonne had become discouraged. She had been cooped up in the house, afraid of facing other people's scornful and judgmental eyes. Now her only amusement was watching TV, helping her forget all unpleasant things.

"Mom, just leave me alone. I am rubbish now and no one will like me. Just let me be, " Yvonne said as she was downhearted. Upon hearing this, Wendy felt sorry for her daughter.

"You're my little girl. In my eyes, you are always my perfect child, " Wendy said, sitting beside Yvonne. "I know that lately many things have happened and you are go

glistened with excitement. She had been locked up at home for a long time. When she heard what Wendy said, she couldn't believe her ears.

"Yes, you can go outside now. But bear in mind and make sure that you don't lose your temper, whatever you hear from other people. If someone asks about your miscarriage, you just tell them that it wasn't true. Are you clear?" Wendy answered with a smile.

"Yes, thank you, mom!" Yvonne replied gladly with the card in her hand, kissed Wendy on the cheek and ran out of the room.

It had been a long time since she got out of the house. She went shopping first, and then called her friends. However, they all were too busy and they didn't have time.

Yvonne understood why they had refused. Even so, she couldn't force them to hang out with her.

In the evening, Yvonne didn't go straight back home. Instead, she went to a bar to relax by herself. To her surprise, the friends she had called were there too.

"What a coincidence!" Yvonne greeted with a sneer, walking up to her so-called friends. "Who told me that she didn't want to go to the bar? Who said that she was busy? Who said that she had to hang out with her boyfriend? Couldn't you choose another bar after turning me down? Why do you have to be here?"

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