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   Chapter 262 Silk Scarf

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But Autumn shook her head. In all fairness, the scarf could easily highlight one's character. It wouldn't be a shame to give it to any woman of Sam's mother's age, but...... . It's for Jane, Sam's mother.

"Isn't it nice?" Chris looked at Autumn, a bit confused. Then she looked at the scarf again. "I think it's quite pretty."

"Yes, it is. But Jane won't be fond of it." She remembered that Jane preferred things with bright and vibrant colors. She might not be interested in a scarf having subtle or dull colors.

Autumn went around the store to look for other scarves that Jane would like. But there were none that caught her eye. Autumn and Chris began to lose hope.

"I see that you are looking around for a scarf, ladies." A shopping guide came up to them and asked, "Could you please tell me what kind of scarf you prefer?"

"Do you have any silk scarves?" Autumn herself didn't know why she asked such a question. But thinking about it, Autumn thought that both the material and the color of a silk scarf would be a perfect match to Jane's temperament and character.

The shopping guide took out several silk scarves for Chris and Autumn to choose from. They found one that they immediately liked. It was made of real silk and had a bright color. "You have good taste, my ladies. This scarf was designed by our in-house designer. It is sold in a limited edition, so our store only has this one for sale."

"That's great. How about this one?" Chris gave a look at Autumn, and was ready to buy the silk scarf without asking how much it cost.

"Wait a moment." The shopping guide was quite happy and she was ready to pack the silk scarf for Chris when there came a familiar voice. A voice that they wished they'd never hear again. "That scarf looks so nice. I will take it."

Both Autumn and Chris rolled their eyes and turned around and there was Rachel. Chris did not hide her displeasure. She shot a hostile look toward Rachel and complained, "How unlucky are we to see you everywhere. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be preparing your dream wedding at home?"

"I'm here to buy some things." Rachel snatched the silk scarf from the hands of Chris. She actually had no interest in the scarf. She wanted it only because she saw that Chris was ready to buy

nt. It may have sounded like he was scolding Chris on the surface, but in fact, it was Rachel whom he was calling a mad dog. Hearing what Sam said to Chris, Rachel looked embarrassed but defiant.

"Sam, could you repeat what you have said just now?" Rachel asked, sounding sinister.

"I can repeat it for you more than ten times if that's what you like." Sam turned to Rachel, "Miss Bai, the audacity you have of snatching things away from others will not do you any good. You think you are doing well but you are careless. This will all come crashing down on you someday. So, be careful!"

Rachel looked away and crossed her arms. Sam was right. Only by grabbing others people's possessions could she find her own value of existence. She only meant to give Autumn and Chris a hard time.

After saying that to Rachel, Sam turned to Chris to comfort her. "Since Miss Bai wants this scarf, we just give it to her. She is so poor now. She only finds her self-esteem by taking the scarf away from you. Let's just leave the scarf to her and go."

On hearing Sam's words, Chris cooled down and smiled. He was right. Rachel only found satisfaction with herself by putting others down. And the more Chris reacted to her provocations, the more Rachel would be thrilled. Ignoring her would be the best thing to do.

Autumn also realized this, so she advised Chris, "How about going to other stores and having a look some more?"

Seeing the three leaving, Rachel went after them, "Wait! don't you want this silk scarf?"

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