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   Chapter 260 Industry Exchange Meeting (Part Four)

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"I..." Autumn glanced at Charles and turned to Mr. Seiten, "The one thing I have never done and do not plan to do is to interfere in Charles's business, so..."

Seiten was anxious and just when he was about to speak again, Charles did not give him the chance and addressed him directly, "From today onward, all the subsidiaries of Shining Company will cease to cooperate with your company."

Seiten was shocked as he saw Charles and Autumn leave. He could not maintain his composure and suddenly slapped Hoada Masahiro. "When you provoke somebody, open your eyes and see clearly. You've brought me so much trouble. You are fired now get out of here!"

Seiten was trying to maintain Light House Company's reputation through this industry exchange meeting, and when finally he saw such a big opportunity it slipped right through his fingers. Seiten was going to have a nervous breakdown as he recalled how the event had unfolded.

"Mr. Seiten, this is really......" Hoada Masahiro did not know how to explain himself, "Please give me another chance and I will make it up to you."

"Get out of my sight now, I don't want to see you anymore." Seiten did not want to waste another second talking to Hoada Masahiro.

Autumn was not so happy after coming out of the hotel. "What is it? Are you unhappy because you lost the cooperation?"

Charles smiled and asked Autumn while gripping her hands.

Autumn shook her head immediately. "No, though I was unhappy about losing the cooperation, after all I did end up wasting so much of my time and effort, but... I also feel it was unfortunate to cooperate with this kind of person. I was just thinking about how you lost an important partner like Light House Company, do you think it was worth it?''

"My silly girl." Charles stroked Autumn's hair and said

ou continue to act in this manner, it really will make me look down on you."

"I......" Leila looked at David with an embarrassed expression, as she felt all her secrets were revealed in the open for everyone to see. She was helpless but did not intend to give up. "No, I don't. I just thought that since Autumn's arrival, Mr. Lu had been acting very unprofessional. Aren't we here to seek cooperation with Light House Company? But he just gave up so easily, this must have had something to do with her. I am sure of it."

"So what?" David looked at Leila, "Even if it does have something to do with Mrs. Lu, it has nothing to do with you, keep that in mind! I'm advising you to behave yourself, they are a couple, and you're simply an outsider, so you are in no position to say about their lives."

"What would you know!" Leila shouted angrily at David, and then she marched upstairs to pack up all of her belongings.

Looking at Leila walk away, David knew for certain that Leila would not pay heed to his solemn advise. It was somehow a hopeless bid, but he felt better knowing he had done his part. No matter what Leila did to annoy Charles, it would have nothing to do with him in the future.

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