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   Chapter 258 Industry Exchange Meeting (Part Two)

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"I have met Miss Ye before, and I knew that she was capable and hardworking. But what I didn't expect is that... her personality would be so different from her ability. Miss Ye came here and told me that she thought the budget given by Light House Company was way too low. And she hoped that that I would convey her suggestion to provide more funding. She then gave me a room card and promised that she'll do anything for me as long as I do her this favor."

Seeing that Hoada Masahiro was tarnishing her image with such a vicious lie, when in fact the room card was actually in her hand, which became an essential evidence, Autumn was growing more and more impatient to explain. As the people's suspicion grew, she was about to break down.

"Don't be scared. Everything will be okay." Charles stood behind Autumn, as he cast a cold look at Hoada Masahiro, who was pretending to be the victim.

Moments after he comforted her, Autumn felt less worried.

Even though she was still upset, she was not intimidated by the situation anymore.

"Mr. Seitan, you know that now I'm in my forties, and I have a happy family. My wife has also been exceptionally good to me, I won't do anything wrongful to betray her trust. To be honest, I am quite disappointed and appalled by what Miss Ye has done." Hoada Masahiro pretended to laugh bitterly as he continued to narrate his fabricated story, "Then I refused her offer and tried to return her room card back. However, Mr. Lu misunderstood my intention and hit me. That's the entire scene."

After Hoada Masahiro said that, he turned at Charles and added, "Mr. Lu, it is all actually a mistake. Please don't bear it in mind. While Miss Ye is indeed beautiful and many men might want to woo her, I am not one of them."

Charles still didn't say anything, which made Hoada Masahiro feel a pinch of guilt.

Autumn felt wronged. She immediately explained to Mr. Seitan. "This is not true! Please listen to the reality of what actually occurred!"

Do all the men act like this? Even though they have a gentle, loving and dedicated wife waiting at home for them, they still wish to seek pleasure outside of those sacred walls. And once their affairs come to l

ble to judge an employee properly.

If he helped Autumn, it would mean that he recognized what Hoada Masahiro had done to her. It would also mean that a scumbag was working in his company. Mr. Seiten was sensitive about his reputation, so he could never allow that to happen.

Therefore, even though he knew that Hoada Masahiro was lying, today he had to continue to defend him in a bid to save his pride. This was also to protect Light House Company's reputation.

"Miss Ye." Mr. Seiten stopped Autumn from further explaining and said, "Mr. Hoada has been working with me for years and during that time I have come to know him very well. He also has a very happy family, thus I don't see any reason why he would want to sleep with you! Besides, I also know that the budget I have allotted to you is definitely enough for you to make profits."

Mr. Seiten apologized to Autumn, "Sorry, it is with regret that I have to announce that our contract must be cancelled."

Although there were many foreigners around who didn't understand Chinese, there were also many Chinese people. Within a few minutes, everyone there knew what happened in the end.

After Mr. Seiten said that, Hoada Masahiro became more complacent. He sneered and said to Autumn, "Miss. Ye, as for the project, our staff will take over it. We hope that you can manage your business more diligently and professionally the next time. Please do not try to seek shortcuts, as it will do no good."

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