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   Chapter 255 An Old Enemy

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Updated: 2018-12-10 01:03

Hoada Masahiro was waiting for Autumn at the entrance of the elevator, "Miss Ye, are you ready for today's presentation?"

"Well prepared!" Autumn nodded confidently.

"Today's proposal was intended to be about the decision-making of the public relations department, and surprisingly, it involves the judgement of the President. Thus it is more important to require your most careful and meticulous attention." Hoada Masahiro was nervous with sweat forming over his forehead, little expecting the presence of the President who took him by surprise. This made him question his own confidence in Autumn.

His career promotion depended on this presentation and it must be executed flawlessly.

"Miss Ye, this matter will make a major difference to my career. If you deliver a wonderful presentation today, you will be richly rewarded, otherwise, this may be the end for both of us." Hoada Masahiro told Autumn of the resulting consequence beforehand.

"You can put your mind to rest." Autumn replied with a gentle smile, "Let's go for it."

Autumn thought she had left nothing to chance, however, upon entering the meeting room.... she noticed the rather damp atmosphere there.

French windows were set on every side, the sunshine was slanting to create a warm glow and the oval meeting table was packed with participants, leaving a narrow space for her to pass through.

A grey-haired and hearty old gentleman occupied the first chair. His sharp and piercing eyes awed and intimidated everyone else in the room.

What Autumn least expected was to run into an old enemy there.

In the room, Autumn was greeted with Paula's sneer which caught Autumn a bit off guard.

"Autumn, take a seat here." Paula motioned Autumn to sit beside her with fake enthusiasm.

Autumn found it hard t

This encouraged her to speak with logic and order.

All throughout the presentation, Autumn paid special attention to the expressions of the President, whose approving nods gave her and Hoada Masahiro a big assurance.

Autumn concluded her presentation with a deep bow. Afterwards, Paula did not waste the opportunity to bombard Autumn with tricky questions which Autumn skillfully addressed. At that moment, Mr. Seitan, the President of Light House Company, rose up to give his commendation.

"Miss Ye, your proposal..... is outstanding." Said Mr. Seitan as he approached Autumn, struggling with his poor Chinese. "I am greatly honored to be able to cooperate with you."

Mr. Seitan's approval surely amounted to laying the crown of laurels on Autumn, which left Paula sulking in the corner. However, the other three representatives approached Autumn to congratulate her.

With the meeting adjourned, Mr. Seitan offered Autumn his invitation. "Miss Ye, today my company is hosting a cocktail party. Why don't you.... join us?"

"I am afraid...." Because she had been preoccupied by the proposal for the whole day before, at that moment, Autumn wished for nothing but a sound sleep.

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