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   Chapter 254 Improving the Proposal

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Hoada Masahiro seemed to be completely different from their previous encounters, providing Autumn with constant reference to common topics including Japanese customs and culture. In all fairness, this inspired Autumn a lot.

They left the car behind at the entrance of Light House Company. Hoada Masahiro showed Autumn around to familiarize her with the venue including basic situations. Afterwards he should go back to the hotel. Turning to Autumn he said, "Miss Ye, this pre-tour of the company was intended to get you familiar with the venue. This should give you ideas for a wonderful presentation. Now that you have the advantage, please perfect the proposal and deliver a well-made presentation tomorrow. And please do not let me down."

"Mr. Hoada." Autumn stopped Hoada Masahiro and uttered, "I am highly confident that we can bring our proposal into fruition. You can rest assured. But there is a matter, I...."

"Miss Ye, we are friends. You are free to speak your mind to me." Hoada Masahiro assured Autumn.

"There is the question of the budget. The budget that the Light House Company currently offers to us is extremely low. It being such a case, I would be financially straitened to work out a perfect proposal." Autumn pointed out the key problem directly, but Hoada Masahiro took it calmly. "Don't worry, you will get your due so long as you drive this proposal to a complete victory. "

"Thank you, Mr. Hoada." Autumn would accept the conditions gladly in order to improve the reputation of her company. However, Autumn would not let her employees including her planners be ill-rewarded for this proposal. They have to support themselves and their respective families.

Autumn gave a call to Charles after leaving Light House Company and learned that Charles had completed his business matters for the day. Charles dro

r taking a shower, Autumn came out to find her husband lying on the bed reading a foreign language book. Charles dropped his book naturally at the sight of his wife drying her hair. He welcomed her into his arms and lulled her to sleep.

Charles whispered to his wife in the dark, "Good night."

The next morning, Autumn got up, little expecting that her husband had sent for their breakfast, "Since you are now up, get yourself ready so we can dine together."

After breakfast, Charles drove Autumn to Light House Company. Before Autumn got out of the car, he said to Autumn, "I am afraid I will not be able to pick you up later. I am sure I will be held up by a meeting. You should take good care of yourself and I will see you tonight."

"Ok, see you!" Autumn nodded gently. She was neither the needy nor dependent kind of woman. Moreover, Charles had stayed with her throughout the afternoon the day before. Standing in front of Light House Company, Autumn took a deep breath and walked into the building.

The meeting room of Light House Company was located on the 20th floor. In the elevator, Autumn tried to remember all of Charles's advice and got mentally prepared for the presentation with boosted confidence.

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