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   Chapter 251 Arriving In Japan

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"So essentially what you are saying is..... only if I break up with Rachel you will accept me as your father, right?" Edward looked at Chris in a rather cold tone and asked.

"Well yes." Chris looked at Edward and added, "Just drop the idea all together, I would never come to live under the same roof with Rachel under any circumstance."

"Chris......" Edward frowned, "What on earth did she do to offend you so much? And why are you so against her? You know, she always spoke up for you in front of me, trying to be nice with you. Why couldn't you show a little mercy and learn something from her? Whatever it is that is going on between you and her has clearly moved past, and instead of hampering our relation I think you should try to forgive her."

Edward sighed, " You are my daughter, Chris. And she is my future wife, so both of you are the most important people to me in my entire life. Why would you......"

"We come from different worlds, anyway, here's my request. If you can't oblige to it, then don't ask me for anything in return, I am very sure you will see through Rachel one day in the future......" Chris sighed, " Whatever, we can save our chat for that fine day."

"Chris, I......" Edward was trying to say something more, but Chris abruptly cut him off, "Grandpa raised me up, and now he is old enough, I think it is my turn to return the favor with gratitude and take care of him. You got Rachel so I should not worry."

Chris laughed and went on, "Well by the way, I have totally forgot to congratulate you now that you are going to get married next month. I...... I won't be able to attend your wedding."

Chris did not count on Edward to break up with Rachel because of her remarks, but just gave it a try. Judging from how Edward reacted, Chris surprisingly found that in his heart, she...... was actually not as important as Rachel.

Even though it was an uncomfortable reality, she could at least face it calmly.

Rachel was in a constant state of worry about Chris saying something inappropriate, so she hurried up to Chris as

port to check in to the hotel, as she turned around she recognized Leila. She was dressing in a suit, which tailored to flatter her beautiful figure. All the men in the lobby could not help staring at her.

Fearing that she would be noticed, Autumn put on a pair of sunglasses hastily and pulled down the brim of her hat in an attempt to disguise herself.

"Mr. Lu, I have brought the documents...... Yes, I'll be there soon." In all fairness, Leila was very dedicated and serious about her work. Autumn could not help smiling because she knew Charles was on the other end of the phone. She couldn't wait to see the expression on Charles's face when he would see her.

Autumn's room was on 16th floor, she could see the bustling crowd through the huge glass window. As she lay on the bed, she pulled out her cell phone and called Charles, but the line she called was continuously busy.

She had no other option but to call Leila. "I called Charles but I couldn't get through, how long would it be before he is done?"

"Autumn, you..." Leila sighed. As she saw Charles was drinking at the table, she pompously smiled. "Mr. Lu is really busy right now, he have not had a minute of rest since he came to Japan, I am going to hang up if you don't have something important."

"Wait." Autumn frowned and said to Leila, "Please ask him to call me back the minute he is free."

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