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   Chapter 250 Stay Away From Her

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"Let's go." Edward sighed as he moved forward and took Rachel by her hand. They were just about to leave when they heard Chris shout from behind them.

"Wait a moment." Chris was waiting for quite a while for Sam, but he didn't show up in the end. As she was worried about him, Chris came out of the room to see what was holding him up. But unexpectedly, she saw Edward and Rachel as they were leaving.

In fact, she hesitated and considered whether it was a good idea to call Edward back or not. But within a moment of reflection she knew she should do so, especially because what Autumn said in the morning seemed to have given her abundance of hope and courage. Autumn was right. No matter what had happened, she should give Edward a chance to give a clear explanation so that she could make a balanced decision for everyone.

"Chris ......" As soon as Edward turned around and saw Chris, his eye turned red as they filled with tears. Chris also felt hurt to see Edward like that, but she still maintained a cold expression towards them as she said, "I'd like to have a word with you."

"That's it." Rachel gave a brittle smile. She said to Chris before she could say anything more, "I made it abundantly clear earlier when we spoke that in the near future you will live with us. Keeping that in mind, I think you better clear the air so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future."

"OK, I promise you. But what do you want to talk about with me anyway?" Edward looked at Chris with happiness. For Edward, just the fact that Chris was willing to chat with him really made his day.

"Why don't we find some other place to have this chat? That way Gary won't be bothered." Rachel didn't dare to go into the room, as she feared that Gary would most likely bring up the events of what exactly happened yesterday. So Rachel suggested that they take the conversation outside. Edward turned his head and asked for Chris's advice. But Chris shook her head in disapproval and said, "Let's just talk at home. Anyway, I have only a few words to say so it shouldn't take much of your time."

Chris turned around to lead them inside, and Edward followed her. On seeing Edward coming in, Gary grunted with anger said to him, "What are you coming back for now?"

"Big brother, I ......" Gary had helped in raising his daughter for so many years. Edward felt guilty about this, so when he stood in front of Gary, not knowing what to do, his head lowered in embarrassment. Upon seeing Rachel walk in behind Edward, Gary became more angry, "I don't wan

ut said she would help me take care of you and help us make a family. She is a good woman. There must be some misunderstanding between you two, I think. It would be nice if you two could clear it all up and give this a fresh start."

Edward's immediate explanation for Rachel, which felt like a defense, made Chris felt disgusted. She responded by asking, "So you are bound to get married to her?"

"......" Edward was embarrassed to meet her eyes, "Chris, you know, I am not young anymore. I have always misunderstood your mom and judged her as wrong since she left me. Bearing that in mind, I have been single for all these years. Now all I want is to marry this woman I love and to live a peaceful life with my wife and daughter. You can rest assured that she will be kind to you, Chris. I promise."

"I will not come to live with you." Chris retorted to Edward at once. Chris looked at Edward with a poker face and said, "Edward, I admit that I will be unable to change the fact that you are my father, but..." I have been brought up and taken care of by my grandpa since my birth. As far as I am concerned, they are my family, and not you. For me, you are just a stranger coming out of nowhere and the blood tie doesn't change anything."

"And as far as I am concerned, Rachel is not the woman you think she is. I don't want you to be cheated by her in the future. With that said, I suggest you stay away from her, or rather, break up with her. If you do so, I will consider visiting you often." What Chris said had obviously indicated her attitude and intention. As long as Edward would change his mind and refused to marry Rachel, the relation between Chris and Edward would get better.

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