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   Chapter 249 A Second Visit

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"That's right, I feel exactly the same way." Autumn nodded slowly, "I was like you, I thought grandma was the only family I had, there was no reason for me to accept them. And if I did this, I felt it would be like betraying Grandma. But then I realized that even grandma wished for me to accept them, she hoped someone would would be there to take care of me once she left this world.

"I spoke to your elder brother, he said he would support me no matter what decision I made. But he also gave me a different perspective. He said that I denied the Zhao family's feelings for me without giving them the opportunity to explain themselves. And that would be quite unfair to them." Autumn looked at Chris who was sitting right across her and continued, "So I came today to tell you this, no matter what decision you make, Charles and I will always support you, as you are our sister, but...... the least you can do is give him a chance, a chance to explain the things and then once you have heard everything you can make up your mind."

"This is different." Chris sighed, "Autumn, your family do have a good reputation, but what about mine? He has been to prison once, and now he wants to marry a woman I despise from the core of my heart. The only thing I want to do is to disappear from the world, then I would not have to worry about these issues."

"Chris, he loves you as every father loves his daughter. No matter what he did in the past, he gave you life after all." Autumn patted Chris at her shoulder, "There must be a cloud of confusion burdening your mind, it doesn't matter. Think it over carefully. When I come back from Japan with your elder brother, we'll face all of it with you."

"You are going to Japan, too?" She acted surprised as she hadn't heard anyone mention Autumn going abroad.

"Yes." Autumn nodded, "My flight leaves this afternoon. After drinking the honey water, you should hurry up and go downstairs. Grandpa has been worried sick, don't

ward was Chris's father, he would never falter.

"Please take good care of Chris for me. I'll come back to her in a couple of days." Edward knew he was being too impatient after meditation, so he decided he should give Chris some time to calm down and process everything.

Although today was the first time Edward had met Sam, he could see Sam was sincerely concerned for Chris. Edward was very pleased and comforted to have such a man around his daughter. "Could you please do me a favor, say something nice for me to Chris. I owe her too much and I hope she can give me a chance to make it up to her."

"Sorry that I may have to let you down." Sam looked at Edward apologetically because he would not speak up for Edward. He added, "I would only support Chris instead of interfering with her own decisions."

Edward looked at Sam and said no more.

Rachel, however, scolded with discontent, "What's this foul attitude? You just want to stir up trouble, do you not want for Chris to acknowledge her own father?"

"Let's just leave." Edward sighed, he knew Sam was right about not interfering with Chris no matter what decision she would make. He got what was coming to him even if Chris wouldn't acknowledge him.

"Edward, we are leaving just like this?" said Rachel, looking at Edward in puzzlement.

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