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   Chapter 248 A Similar Experience

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Rachel forced a smile as she spoke to Edward, "Trust me when I say I totally understand your repressed guilt of being absent from Chris's life and your eagerness to make up to her. It is beyond reproach that I tried to settle this matter up in Dream Garden. I just handled it on your behalf. There's a blood tie between Chris and you, no matter she accepts it or not."

Rachel looked at Edward with a concerned expression. "Edward, you should consider the fact that my relationship with Chris is a constant downward spiral. It is only getting worse. How can I possibly live with her with these never-ending quarrels and misunderstanding after our wedding next month?"

"With our wedding in sight, it is in my sincerest hope that before our married days... I can patch up my relationship with Chris so as to spare you the drama. You should not have blamed me for all of that!"

Edward instantly felt a pang of guilt for slapping Rachel across her face. He then pacified Rachel with assuring words, "Rachel, you... you should have dealt with this matter more patiently than usual. After all you did spoil my entire plan of approaching Chris in an amiable manner. Did you know that? I had it all down to the wire."

"I knew it, but all my actions were a deliberate attempt to help you." Rachel moved towards Edward, "Edward, I admit that I was being over-zealous to handle the situation, and...."

"I just have to let you know that I am so very sorry...." Rachel lowered her head gently and slowly as an apologetic gesture, "I really didn't expect it to make the situation worse."

"If this is the case, there is absolutely no point of you nurturing guilt in your heart. I appreciate the intention behind your action." Edward gave an affectionate and warm hug to Rachel, resigning himself to Rachel's disguised manipulative nature.

"Do you really forgive me?" With tears rolling down her cheeks, Rachel looked up to see Edward, "After careful consideration, I have a suggestion. As Chris now has a vague knowledge of her family background, why don't.... we pay a visit to Lu Family tomorrow to clear the matter with her. Maybe we can bring her home. Edward, what do you think?"


is not that horrible. We will surely find a way out. "

"Autumn, I think you do not share this experience of mine, so my innermost feelings cannot be understood by you." Chris spoke with a pale smile.

Autumn was somewhat challenged, as she understood Chris's dilemma more than anyone else, because she was equally troubled by the entire ordeal, "I am fully aware of your problem. Actually... I was just informed that Doctor Zhao, who have cured my grandma, is actually my biological grandpa and Abby, who you've met several time... .is my aunt."

"What... this is so shocking!" Chris tried to swallow her shock about the revelation. In that moment, she believed Autumn was in fact the perfect company, "Autumn, you are not kidding, right?"

"Of course not! What would I get by deceiving you this way?" Autumn tried to talk Chris into accepting her own family background, as how Autumn accepted hers gladly after the initial disbelief and shock. Autumn believed Chris would also overcome her worries soon.

"I was as disturbed as you are when I learned of my family background, with aversion to Zhao Family." Chris was attentive to know how Autumn dealt with her experience and pressed to know more, "What happened later?"

"Well...." Autumn forced a smile as she continued, "Chris, do you think Gary and Charles are kind to you?"

"Definitely!" Chris replied instinctively, "The two of them are more kind to me than anyone else in this world."

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