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   Chapter 247 Edward Was Enraged

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Sam picked up his phone, answering the call immediately.

"How is she doing? Is she okay?" Autumn asked, worry etched on her face.

"She's fine, " he said, trying to alleviate her anxiety.

Chris had a tendency to use alcohol as a coping mechanism, often drinking her problems away. Despite this, Sam knew she was an innocent girl. "Don't worry. I'll look after her."

"Thank God, " Autumn sighed, relieved to know that Chris was in a good condition. She knew how hard it must have been for her, having gone through the same thing before. But Autumn had already moved on. Chris, on the other hand, found it hard to do so. Given the situation, she decided to call Charles to ask for some advice.

"Hey, Autumn. What's up?" Leila said, answering the phone.

Autumn was taken aback, shocked to hear Leila's voice on the other line.

"Where is Charles?! Why do you have his phone?!"

She exclaimed, still finding it hard to trust Leila.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Lu is busy right now. But don't worry. If you have anything you want to say to him, I'll make sure to pass it on, " she lied, knowing fully well that Charles was just using the bathroom. She was never alloweded to touch anything and was only ever asked to look after his belongings. But she couldn't help answering the call after seeing the name on the screen.

"Never mind. I'll just call him later, " Autumn replied coldly.

"He has pressing matters to attend to so he has been really busy lately. He rarely gets enough rest as he has to work almost 20 hours a day. To tell you the truth, he even nearly fell asleep in the meeting today, "

Leila said even before Autumn had the chance to end the call.

"He clearly needs more time for himself or else his work will be extremely affected. You're his wife. Don't you think you should give him more consideration?"

She continued, sounding like a relentless boss.

Leila, being the only woman by the side of Charles at the moment, thought the situation worked in her advantage.

"What are you trying to say?" Autumn asked, stunned that she would speak in such manner. The situation couldn't

visit the Lu family, "

Edward said, determined to know the answer to his question.

"Do you think I'd only marry you so that I can use you? Do you really think so little of me?" she asked as she looked at him, smiling bitterly. Pretending to feel heartbroken, Rachel even went to touch her face to feel where his hand had hit her.

"Answer my question honestly and stop trying to change the topic! I wouldn't stop until you tell me the truth, " he demanded.

Edward knew that Rachel was different. Unlike other women, she wasn't after his money and that was exactly why he had wanted to marry her in the first place. But it seemed that Chris had been on her mind lately, which made him feel worried.

Rachel was on the brink of tears, feeling extremely distressed. She tried so hard to hold her tears as she looked straight at him. Edward almost felt sorry for her to see her like this; even doubting if she'd done anything wrong.

"I knew that you'd be mad even before I decided to pay them a visit. But I had no choice. I really had to go, " Rachel said, trying to explain herself.

"Do you know that I did all of this just so I could help you?" she asked, looking at him straight in the eye.

"Help me? That's ridiculous!"

Edward exclaimed, finding her statement extremely absurd.

"You don't have any idea how conflicting all of this for me, " he said, not knowing what to believe anymore.

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