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   Chapter 246 Rachel's Revenge

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"It seems like you are not aware of the truth, " Rachel sneered. "We are not the ones who will move in with you, but... you will live with us. Don't you know that you're not Charles's sister? You are his aunt."

Chris felt her heart beating so fast that she could faint. All of a sudden she began to hyperventilate as she was panicking.

"I don't know what you are talking about, " Chris responded. Chris attempted to leave the spot but Rachel stopped her. "What I am trying to tell you here is that Edward is your birth father so you're going to live with us. I hope that's clear to you?"

"Just shut up." Chris yelled out with anger. She kept telling herself that Rachel was lying. At the moment, Gary showed up and said to Rachel, "Miss Bai, this is our family affair. It seems... to be out of your business."

"Gary I am going to marry Edward next month. As your future sister-in-law and Chris's stepmother, I have come here for Chris's sake, " Rachel responded with a warm smile which seemed insincere coming from her.

Gary's face turned pale with anger. He didn't think that Edward would still be persistent about marrying Rachel especially after knowing about Chris's identity. Nor did he expect that Edward would ask Rachel to come here with this piece of information.

Gary was so furious that he almost blacked out. Pondering upon Gary's response, Chris could guess whether Rachel was telling the truth. However, she still couldn't believe it. She had lived in the Lu family for years but now she was told that she was Edward's daughter.

"Grandpa, is she... telling the truth?" Chris asked Gary as she wanted to hear it from him.

"Of course I am. Do you think that I would lie to you about such an important matter?" Rachel snapped after noticing Gary's hesitation.

Chris had been waiting for Gary's reply, but Gary ignored her question. "Did he send you here?" he turned to Rachel.

about her.

He had called Chris many times, but she didn't answer the phone.

Once Autumn reached home, she saw that Gary sitting on the lounge as he was taking medication. "Grandpa, what's wrong? Are you all right?" Autumn asked Gary with concern. Rachel's visit had led to an elevation in Gary's blood pressure.

"I'm fine, " he responded. He thought with a sigh, 'Since Rachel has turned up, our family have been in a mess.'

"What is going on?" Autumn asked again to understand the stress on his face. Observing Gary's anxious expression, she knew that something must have happened. Gary told her that Rachel had visited earlier. "Autumn, I don't know where Chris is now. I kept calling her, but I couldn't get through to her. What if anything happens to her?" Gary sighed as he frowned.

"Grandpa, don't worry. She will absolutely be fine, " Autumn reassured him. "Chris is an adult and she won't put herself in danger. Besides, Sam is with her so she is safe."

"I hope so, " Gary responded with a sigh of relief.

After Autumn consoled and persuaded Gary to get some rest, she didn't go upstairs to pack her belongings as she intended. Instead, she called Sam immediately.

As Chris was still not answering her phone, she had no option but to call Sam.

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