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   Chapter 245 Rachel's Visit

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The next morning Emily got out of bed earlier than her usual time. She had begun to lose her sight so she didn't see Autumn walk up to her.

Earlier in the night, Autumn had received a call from Arthur. Upon noticing Emily's receding eyesight, he gave her an advance notice. When she went across the room to Emily, she greeted her, "Grandma, good morning." She wanted to cry but she held back her tears and pretended not to notice Emily's poor vision.

"Autumn…" Emily responded with a smile as she held Autumn's hand, "Chris said you came back late last night. Even if you are busy working, you should pay attention to your health."

"I see, " Autumn comforted Emily as she stroked her hand, "Grandma, I can take good care of myself. As long as you live a comfortable and healthy life I will be happy."

"I am too old to give you company any longer. After I leave the world you still need to live an active and happy life. This is the circle of life, my journey with you is about to end but you need to continue on yours with all the best. Please do take care of yourself, " Emily laughed, "Your breakfast is ready."

Autumn planned to look after Emily but her offer was rejected politely. As Autumn opened the door to leave for work, she saw Sam.

"You are coming to pick up Chris, aren't you?" Autumn asked joyfully. She was so happy at just the thought of Sam and Chris falling in love with each other.

Sam nodded and explained, "My parents are arriving today and I would love to introduce Chris to them."

"I am leaving. Chris will come downstairs in a moment or two. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable while you wait for her." As soon as Autumn arrived at her office she got a call from Hoada Masahiro. He said, "Miss Ye, I have made the flight reservation for you. It's scheduled for tomorrow."

"So soon?" Autumn asked in surprise, "Isn't the plan to be presented three days later?"

"Yes but I was hoping that you could come here in advance to get an idea of the arena and conditions and prepare accordingly. After all it is an important plan. I am worried that you may embarrass me if you are not fully prepared."

On the other end of the line, Masahiro continued as he knocked on the table, "Last time we met, I also promised to be your guide when you come

aste on a small talk."

After Chris replied to Rachel rather rudely, she took Sam's hand and was ready to leave. Rachel stopped Chris again, "Please just hear me out. It won't take much of your time."

"Don't you understand what I just said? I said I'm all out of time to waste, " Chris shouted at Rachel furiously. She thought to herself, 'It is an important day today. Although I have met Sam's parents earlier but this is the first time that I will visit them as Sam's girlfriend. This meeting means a lot to our relationship and me.

My cheerful mood is getting spoiled by this unexpected visitor. How could Rachel create trouble on my big day! So annoying!'

"Chris, " Sam pulled Chris aside and advised, "There's no need to hurry. We've got plenty of time before they arrive. I will wait for you outside."

"Just say what you want. Spit it out, " blurted Chris impatiently the second Sam went out.

Rachel cleared her throat and said, "I know you don't like me. If I have a choice, trust me, even I would not have come to bother you here. In the future, we may have to live together. I am here to talk to you because I am trying to mend the bridges we burnt and maintain peace."

"You're not making any sense. It's impossible for me to live with you." Chris mocked slyly, "Rachel, are you still daydreaming? If you think you marrying Edward translates to you being accepted by my family, then you are absolutely wrong! I am telling you, Edward and our family live apart. Think realistically and don't bother us!"

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