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   Chapter 244 Talk on the Phone

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"I am afraid...." Autumn was fully aware of Abby's kindness and desire to relieve her company from its distressed situation, but.... she thought of declining out of pride.

"You do not need to feel guilty. We chose you based on your company's credibility." Abby smiled at Autumn. "Andy's company has entrusted this proposal to some eligible partners, however, upon my strong recommendation, he decided to give Cloud Advertising Company a chance. So..... you must spare no effort to make it. Do not let me down."

"Thanks very much." Autumn felt relieved after Abby's explanation, "You can rest assured. I am bound to put this proposal into fruition."

"That is all I came for. Now I have to go." Abby rose from her chair, "Relevant information has been sent to your E-mail. Autumn, the other eligible companies invested with their respective groundwork three days ago. They have had a head start so you will have to work around the clock."

"I am fully aware of the urgency." Autumn nodded gently and then accompanied Abby to the elevator. After Abby had left, Autumn immediately called for a meeting. She gave a detailed account of the proposal from Andy's company. "I fully understand the efforts all of you have invested in the proposal from our Japanese client, but.. this new proposal is of equal importance. You are kindly requested to work overtime to accomplish it and right after, be handsomely rewarded."

"Autumn, but the Japanese case... must be done quickly. I doubt our capacity to handle both of them within the deadline!" Isla expressed her concern.

"I will handle the Japanese project while all of you work on the new project." Autumn replied with great composure, "That is all. You are all dismissed."

Autumn worked extra hard to ensure the perfection of the Japanese project, when Charles made his call, "It is too late. You had better drop your work and go home for a good rest."

"How do y

warmth in it.

"Anything else?" Charles was already giving her the cold shoulder.

Leila felt like complete idiot before Charles and left, crawling with shame. "Nothing... nothing more. Mr. Lu, good night."

The moment the door was closed, Leila's resentment grew. Charles picked up the phone again. Autumn could not help but make fun of Charles. "Your female secretary is over-zealous to care for you."

"Are you jealous?" Charles asked. There was a element of jealousy in Autumn's joke.

"Definitely not!" Autumn tried to deny Charles's claim.

"Autumn, my dear wife." Charles, all of sudden, talked to Autumn in a solemn tone, "No matter what happens, I love no one but you."

"Good. What do you say?" Autumn's face turned red with shyness and then smiled, "You do not need to take my kidding seriously."

The conversation lasted for nearly one hour. Autumn asked Charles to go to sleep before diving into tomorrow's intense work. "Well, now it is late. You had better sleep soon."

"And you?" Charles asked.

Autumn looked at her watch and sighed, "I intended to work a lot tonight, only to be interrupted by our chat. Now I am about to go home."

"Take good care." Charles mumbled and only fell asleep upon the receipt of Autumn's assuring text message.

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