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   Chapter 243 To See Charles Off

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7488

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They paused their conversation a bit when the waitress came to serve the dishes. Hearing what Autumn said, Abby began to feel much better. She believed in what Autumn said.

"That's great! Grandma has been expecting your return." Afraid that Autumn would be overwhelmed, Abby changed the topic. They talked about other things. During dinner, Autumn hung out with Cindy and played games with her for a long time. When she got back home, she found that Charles was packing his bags.

"Are you going somewhere?" Autumn looked at Charles, quite surprised.

"Yes." Charles stopped and held Autumn in his arms. He asked, "Where have you been? You came back so late."

"I met up with Cindy and played games with her. Abby came of course." Autumn answered, smiling, "How many days will you be gone? Let me help you with your packing."

Charles hugged Autumn saying, "I'm going to Japan and will be there for about a week. During my absence, you need to look after yourself well."

"Japan?" Autumn asked with astonishment. If she remembered the correct date, the proposal would also be dealt with during these days. Autumn smiled at Charles, but didn't tell him about the proposal.

"Yeah. There will be an exchange meeting for industries in Japan. Is there anything wrong?" Charles asked curiously.

"Nothing. Not at all." Autumn smiled and continued. "It's supposed to be chilly there in Japan. Here, let me help put extra thick clothes in your suitcase. Though your work matters a lot, you should have meals regularly."

"Are you worried about me?" As Charles embraced Autumn with a smile, he said. "Since you like Cindy so much, how about tonight ...... " we start preparing for a baby?"

"What? Oh, knock it off!" Autumn quickly slid away from Charles's arms and started tidying up his things, but Charles caught her and fell on her.

They both lock in an embrace as Autumn lay in his arms. "Charles, what do you think? Should I really accept the Zhao family?"

"Why not? They are your family." Charles hugged her tight and said, "No matter what kind of decisions you will make, I will always be by your side, at least, from my point of view ...... They won't harm you."

"You have known Mrs. Zhao and her husband for a lon

on of an innocent girl. After knowing he has gotten married, I have no more secret desires. I just did not expect that you would keep it a secret from me."

"Leila, I think I have told you that this is my private affair." Autumn coldly looked at Leila. "I introduced this job to you because of your competence. But I don't think that I must share to you my privacy."

"Yes, of course you didn't have too." Leila smiled, "Autumn, excuse me but we are boarding now. I will invite you to dinner after I come back from Japan."

After seeing Charles off, Autumn directly went to her office. Unexpectedly, Abby had been waiting for her in her office. Autumn was surprised, "Abby! What are you doing here?"

"Of course I came here to see you about some serious matters." Abby stood up and said to Autumn, "Wow, your office is so spacious!"

"I'm just helping out here." Autumn gave her a smile. After the dream she had last night, Autumn did a lot of thinking, so her attitude toward Abby was much better. She asked, "What happened?"

"The thing is..." Abby Zhao halted for a moment then continued, "Autumn, you know, Andy and I have just come back from abroad, and he is slowly improving his business here at the same time. Now he would like to hold a press conference in Y City. As far as I am concerned, you now are working in an event planning and execution company, so I guess we can entrust your company to manage this conference. You know, every miller draws water to his own mill."

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