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   Chapter 242 Have A Talk With You

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It's hard to deny that every company was eager to make money, but Autumn still hoped to finish this project despite the company being unable to make any profit from it. The reason was that this project could save Cloud Advertising Company from its bottleneck.

As long as she could finish this project, it was sure for Cloud Advertising Company to be well-known quickly. Autumn didn't hope all the effort of her employee would be cast to the winds, after all they had worked several nights to figure out the solutions.

'I need time alone to think things through, and to try and figure out a way to cut the cost effectively.' Autumn thought to herself.

"Okay, I get it. Don't worry. I will take care of it. You can go back to your work now, " said Autumn with a smile. She consoled Isla with a grin.

Autumn spent the whole afternoon worrying about the cost. When she was about to get off work, she received a call from Cindy. Hesitant, she finally answered the phone.

"Hello, Cindy! What's wrong?" Slowly yet softly, Autumn asked her, "Why are you calling me today?"

"Sister, I haven't seen you for many days. I miss you so much." said Cindy with a sad voice. Autumn could tell from her voice that she was upset. "My mom told me that you won't come to play with me anymore. Why? Don't you like me anymore?"

Autumn felt tears well up in her eyes as she heard this from the lovely, little girl. The sorrows surged up from the depths of her heart. It was no wonder why Cindy was intimate with Autumn when they met for the first time. Now it turned out that they were family and Cindy was actually her younger cousin.

"Cindy, listen to me. That is not true. I am just occupied by so much work recently, so I don't have time to see you. Be a good and obedient girl, okay? I promise that I will see you after I finish work, " said Autumn patiently since she didn't want to hurt her feelings. Autumn tried to comfort Cindy but she failed. "No. I want to see you now. I miss you so much. I want to play with you." Cindy insisted.

Cindy was her charming and adorable little self on the other end of the phone. When Autumn was about to say something, She heard Abby's voice in the background, "Cindy, who are you talking to?"

"Mom, I am talking to Autumn, " replied Cindy. The next second, Abby's voice was heard again, "Cindy, you..."

Abby heaved a sigh and then took the phone from Cindy. She then said to Autumn, "I am so sorry, Autumn. I hope she didn't bother you."

"No, she didn't. That's okay." Autumn felt i

ded to be with my brother. However, in order to get married to my brother and live a better life, she abandoned that man without hesitation. Soon my brother took her home to meet our parents. However, she never expected that the whole family would be against their marriage. But my brother insisted on marrying her. He even ran away from home for her and broke all relations with us.

Obviously, Wendy would not be pleased about his decision since her ultimate goal was to get money from him and his family. After my brother left home, Wendy was about to abandon him. But then she found that she was pregnant. Since then, she threatened my brother with it and asked him for money. My mother was seriously ill because of this. After that, we were all completely out of touch with my brother. He died at a very young age. We didn't expect that he would have a daughter at all." Abby smiled bitterly, her eyes glistering with tears. "Autumn, I just want to tell you that we will never leave you alone again. We didn't know that my brother had a daughter. We all feel sorry about it. We..."

"I know. I understand, " replied Autumn. Autumn decided not to be silent anymore. Indeed, she had come around after she met Arthur this morning. All of the people in the Zhao family were always kind to her, so she trusted them and she knew they were not lying.

"Mrs. Zhao, I agreed to meet you today because I also want to tell you that I just need some time to accept this. You must know that I am completely shocked by this news. I need some time to calm down. I promise you that I will pay a visit to my biological grandparents soon." said Autumn sincerely. She gazed at Abby while talking.

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