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   Chapter 241 Isla’s Dilemma

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Wendy clasped Autumn's hands and expressed her anxiety. "Autumn, thing are not what you think they are...."

"Enough Wendy, stop making up things!" Autumn let go of Wendy's hands and expressed her contempt, "I have learned a lot from your tricks and they are no longer going to work on me. From now on, we are no longer family. Consider me dead and never let that get off your mind."

"Autumn..." Arthur stopped Autumn, "I don't want to be this harsh. However... if this is the only way to show you my pure intentions and that your grandmother and I really want to make up for everything."

"I know." Autumn nodded gently and said to Arthur, "But I can't decide right now, not like this. I need to think things through."

Autumn was already willing to meet Arthur and talk to him and she was trying her best to accept the truth, but this is too much information to process all at the same time.

After Autumn left, Wendy did not hide her displeasure at Arthur. "Arthur, you already ruined my life two decades ago. Now you are still here meddling with my business. There is no justification for you to bear such a grudge against me!"

"Sit down and let's talk." Arthur replied with a sarcastic laugh. Since the fake mask of friendliness had been ripped off, they might need to settle everything, once and for all.

"What on earth do you want?" Wendy was confident that her mask of good manners was necessary to please the Zhao family to whom she was to become a part of. However she couldn't figure out why Arthur hated her so much.

"Wendy, my son Bowen passed away because of you. But that was all in the past now. I came here only to remind you of the fact that Autumn is my granddaughter. If you still do something bad to her, expect a world of pain from me." Arthur would be powerless to deal with the situation had Charles not made it better for Autumn.

"And you think you can scare me like this?" Wendy let off a sarcastic laugh. In the past, she had to seek Arthur's approval, in all obedience. However, as time passed, she felt it less and less necessary to be meek and submissive in front of him, "I dare tell you that Autumn bears an inexorable bond with me. She should treat me with care and

ing things to deal with.

"So, how did it go. Did you meet your Mr. Right today?" Autumn tried to stir gossip while eating.

"You are gossiping even during a meal."

Isla looked at Autumn, with mild jealousy: "Frankly speaking, I admire your marriage and how Charles loves you beyond measure. I am dying to meet a good man like Charles!"

Autumn thought Aron was the one for Isla. On a second thought, she decided not to mention Aron before her, and gave her reassurance "A good girl like you are bound to find your Mr. Right. You should wait and he will come to you one day. But I think that going on such endless and useless blind dates is not the best way to go."

"I am fully aware of the futility of blind dates!" Isla sighed and continued, "You are the luckiest to meet Charles despite being forced to do so. However I am too old to be in a position to choose the best man. I have to rely on blind dates."

"Isla, you...."

"I know what you want to say." Isla replied with a smile, "Now I must please my parents and go on blind dates arranged by them. Anyway there is nothing for me to lose. "

"Well, as long as you are happy. Now, about the proposal. I have to discuss it with you.." Isla changed the topic of their conversation "We could meet all the conditions in favor of Hoada Masahiro, though the resulting quotation would render us least profitable. "

"Let me look over the proposal." Autumn dropped her chopsticks and dived into the proposal.

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