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   Chapter 240 A Tool For Swindling Money

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6238

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"That very year while your father was sick, he always worried that your mother would blackmail the Zhao family by using you. That was why he never told them the whole story. Your father didn't want you to be used as a tool for Wendy's plans, do you understand that?" With a wry smile, Emily said, "Do you remember that your mom made a hell of a fus at your father's funeral? She said that she'd have to take you back, but what happened then? She had been looking for the Zhao family when she was taking care of you, probably to ask for support. But when she couldn't find them, she wasted no time and sent you back to me. You still remember, right?"

Autumn nodded, with her face cold. She did remember that.

When Wendy brought her home that year, Autumn was really happy. After all, kids would always be happy to stay with their parents. However, Wendy only gave her a difficult time, which was totally the extreme opposite to how she treated Yvonne.

"When your father was dying, he told me that his greatest wish in life was to see you return to the Zhao family. But I am now too old, and my capabilities are limited. I have tried everything I could to get in touch with the Zhao family, but I wasn't able to even get a number. Meeting them in the hospital must have been fate. I must now fulfill the young master's wish." Emily said, holding Autumn's hand.

"Autumn, I did not tell this to you before, but it is the whole truth. I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to bear it. Now that the Zhao family has returned, they really want you back. You are now a grownup and I am sure that you have developed your own wisdom and judgement. You do know who is good to you and who is not. I just hope that you don't turn them down. Give them a chance and try to accept them and see if they are really good to you. By then if you still are not willing to go back t

r when Bowen died, you had sent a message to us that you would like us to have Autumn back if we gave you ten million. I am just curious, how much you want this time?" Doctor Zhao said with a sneer.

Wendy frowned lightly, the Zhao family had gone abroad before she sent the message that year. Until then she knew that it was impossible to make money by making use of Autumn. And that's why she sent Autumn back to Emily after that. But she never thought Arthur would know it.

With a sneer, Arthur said, "Feel free to name your price. Autumn is one of us, the Zhao family. No matter how much you ask, she's worth it."

Wendy struggled in her mind. It was complicated for her at the moment. She had no idea what to do. She said to Arthur, "After all, I have had taken care of her until she grew up. The price should be equal to that. Fifty million and I might consider it."

As soon as Wendy said it, Autumn came to the cubicle and stood in front of her. "Why you…… Why are you here?"

"Wendy, you've really overturned my perception of you time and time again. I am not your daughter at all, but a tool for cheating people and taking their money, am I not?" Autumn was smiling bitterly, her trembling voice and misty eyes said it all.

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