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   Chapter 239 One-Track Minded

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"It is her again, " She thought of the years Autumn had suffered from Wendy's cruelty. Fortunately, things had changed. Autumn got married to a good man; the Zhao family had found her and expressed their intentions of welcoming her to the family. Everything was going well until Wendy had come back. The very thought of Wendy stealing even that tiny bit of happiness from Autumn, made her blood boil in anger.

"Emily, today I've come here seeking your advice. I know that Autumn has immense respect for you, would you please speak with her and find out what it is that she really wants?" Arthur felt helpless after Autumn left his house yesterday. He was in desperate need of Emily's advice on the matter.

"Arthur, you may put your mind at ease. I will talk to Autumn about this." Emily sighed and said to Arthur, "Please don't blame Autumn. She means you no harm. She's just young and innocent."

"Take it easy, I'm not blaming her for anything." Arthur smiled wryly and said, "I'm regretful for what happened with Bowen, and I cannot allow Autumn to suffer the same fate as her father. I understand her reasons for being resentful and defensive. The blame should only fall on us for failing to fix the problem sooner."

"Arthur, please don't talk like that." Emily frowned, "If anyone is to be blamed, it should be Wendy instead of you. As a matter of fact... it's also my fault, I should have persuaded him not to give himself over to blind emotions. None of this would have happened if I had been able to guide him to the right path."

"Well, the past is the past; we cannot change that. Pointing fingers isn't going to help us get through our problems." Arthur frowned slightly, "You... should stop delaying the inevitable and just go see a doctor."

"No, that won't be necessary." Emily allowed herself a mirthless smile, "I know myself very well, even now going to the hospital would be useless. I would rather do something to help Autumn while I am still able to speak. My dying wish is to see her go back home to her family."

"Arthur, please ask Autumn to come in here when you leave,

"Autumn..." Emily sighed, "Your father left his home for Wendy all those years ago, against the wishes of your grandparents and his sister. Although they disapproved of his marriage to Wendy, your father persisted wilfully and arbitrarily. Guess what happened in the end? She left him for another man and left your father to die of depression. And you're still refusing to accept the Zhao family because of what Wendy had said to you? Do you think Wendy has your best interest at heart?"

"In this whole world, only you and the Lu family will have my best interest at heart, I understand that much, " Autumn replied and she continued, "But Wendy was not entirely wrong, either. Even though the Zhao family disliked her, my father was still their son. Why didn't they come to find him when he was so ill? Why would they watch him die like that? Was their hate for my mother so deep that they sacrificed their own son to fill the void?"

Autumn was disgusted by the fact that the Zhao family did not come to help when her father's life was in danger.

Emily cracked a bitter laugh and said, "You are just as one-track minded as your father was."

She sighed and continued, "Have you ever wondered why your father let you have Wendy's surname, even though he hated her so much?"

"No, " Autumn shook her head slightly. That was something she was also trying to figure out for quite some time now.

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