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   Chapter 238 Let Her Go

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After Charles had finished talking, Andy pulled Abby to the side, "Abby, just forget it. Don't worry about her."

"But..." Abby seemed a little hesitant. Arthur Zhao, who was standing beside them, spoke in a cold voice, "Just let her go."

Charles took Autumn's arm to leave. After their departure from the Zhao family, Autumn finally calmed down, but remained silent still. Instead of taking Autumn back to Dream Garden, Charles drove her to a secluded park. Charles turned his face to Autumn and said, "How about going for a little walk?"

"Okay." Autumn gently nodded her head in agreement. She didn't want to go back so early as well, because she was afraid that her Grandma would ask her what had happened. Autumn unlocked her seat belt and got out of the car. She walked around the park with Charles, hand in hand.

There were very few visitors in the park, as it was already time for supper. The cool breeze over the lake blew into her face. Autumn felt serene and tranquil. She glanced at Charles's face and asked, "You know about it all along, don't you?"

"Yes, " Charles answered firmly. Charles shook his head and added, "It was Grandma who told me about it. "

"It was Grandma?" Autumn was surprised to hear that. She stared at Charles in front her, and wondered why Grandma chose to tell him about it.

"Autumn, I'd like to have a word with you." As they sat on a bench along the road, Charles began to explain, "Firstly, the reason why the Zhao family invited you to their home today was to tell you the truth about your family. The truth is you have more relatives, besides Grandma. You have two Grandparents and a younger Aunt. I don't understand why you are unwilling to accept them. In my opinion, having relatives can only do you more good than harm."

"You don't understand me at all." Autumn smiled bitterly. She said to Charles with a hint of anger, "I have been living with my Father and my Grandma since my birth. Had they not kicked my father out, my father wouldn't have died young; my grandma wouldn't have fallen ill. It's all their fault. I hate them."

Autumn smiled at Charles and said to him, "I don't understand what they are planning to do by acknowledging my existence now. Neither will I return to that home, nor will I recognize them as my family."

"Autumn, your words seem to go to extremes." Charles frowned at what Autumn had sa

"Yes, you're right, I am blind." Granny smiled bitterly, "I can hardly see the things I could see the day before yesterday. I'm running out of my time; I know that. At first, I had planned to visit you even though you didn't come to see us. I don't have much time, and Autumn is... What's your plan?" asked Emily.

Arthur Zhao sighed and replied, "Don't worry about that, for now, just let me have you examined."

"It's useless." Emily sighed, "I'm quite clear about my own physical condition."

"Arthur, the only person I'm worried about the most is Autumn. I hope that she will return to the Zhao family one day, so she will have a family to look after her. Only then can I leave this world with a peaceful mind." Emily held Arthur's hands firmly and said, "I can't allow Wendy to kick her around anymore. Neither will I let her have any relations with Wendy. As long as her surname is 'Ye', Wendy will always have an excuse to get involved with her."

"I know it." Arthur sighed, adding, "Yesterday, my family wanted to tell her the truth about everything, but... she wasn't willing to listen to me and eventually her resentment got the best of her, so we decided to put it all on hold."

"Wh... What?" Emily's face turned pale, "You're saying Autumn is reluctant to go back to the Zhao family? But, why?"

"I don't know the reason behind it either. But if I had to guess, I'd say that Wendy must have said something to dissuade her in advance." Arthur Zhao frowned, "I have met with Wendy before. I can tell that she doesn't want Autumn to reunite with the Zhao family."

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